Progressive Women of Pelham (PWP) announced its endorsement of Kristen Burke and Maura Curtin for Town Council.

The PWP statement said:

Beyond being long-standing members of PWP, Kristen and Maura are active volunteers within the Pelham community, as well as established professionals in their chosen fields.

Kristen Burke’s career as an attorney at Mercy College and CUNY, along with her volunteer work as Colonial PTA president, youth soccer coach, and Democratic district leader will bring useful and critical expertise to serving on the town council. Balancing our community’s needs with what is legally practical and pragmatic is important to sound decision-making that will serve both villages well. She also brings a deep understanding of the concerns of her fellow Pelhamites through her various interactions with them in her community roles.

Maura Curtin recently leveraged decades of experience in marketing to build community and foster positive change, teaming up with a diverse group of bi-partisan parents to pass the Hutchinson School Bond. As treasurer and managing director of Alessandra Biaggi’s political committee for state senator, Maura works tirelessly to bring local issues to the state level. She has forged critical relationships with local, county, state and federal elected officials that will benefit our town. Her volunteer work with Hutchinson’s Site Based Council, the Bereavement Center of Westchester,, and Pelham Together brings her into contact with a wide range of voices in our community. Her ongoing efforts with these organizations demonstrate a willingness to listen to community needs and collaborate with peers to solve problems and balance budgets.

We feel strongly that Kristen and Maura’s combined talents and expertise make them excellent candidates for our town council. They will bring much needed diversity of ideas, energy, and experience to the council. PWP welcomes transparency and responsiveness to public inquiry in our local government and are confident that Kristen and Maura will work with current council members toward achieving these goals.

Ms. Burke and Ms. Curtin are seeking elected office for the first time. They oppose incumbent Republican Town Councilman Blake Bell and Republican newcomer Michelle Marcellino.

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