A Public Hearing will continue at the Sept. 10 Village of Pelham Board meeting on a proposed law  that requires developers pay a mitigation fee for Pelham Village infrastructure costs of future developments.

The Board held a public hearing on the law at its August 13 meeting and also pproved  resolution allowing it to impose mitigation fees on an individual development during the environmental review.

The proposed law (available as a pdf at www.pelhamgov.com) sets up a system for quantifying the fees for street paving, water, sewer,traffic and pedestrian safety that could be affected by a future project.

As an alternative to payment of a fee, the law allows: "Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, a developer may choose to mitigate the infrastructure impacts of its project by constructing and dedicating to the Village public improvements that mitigate the impact, by dedicating real property to the Village."

Asked by a resident at the July 16 meeting why mitigation fees did not cover increased school costs, Mayor Chance Mullen said a study of the impact of currently planned apartment developments do not project school children numbers to justify inclusion in the mitigation language.

If this mitigation law is approved by the Board of Trustees, it would affect developments being considered at 139 Fifth Avenue, 163 Wolfs Lane and the Pelham House development being discussed for Fifth Avenue and Sparks Avenue that would include a municipal center for police, fire and Village Hall on the site of the former Capital One Bank. It would not affect already approved projects at 101 Wolfs Lane, 8 Boulevard West and 185 Lincoln Avenue.

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