By Johnny Liesman

Pelham resident Vin Spadafora has presented a plan to the Pelham Village Board of Trustees to build a community giving garden at Wolfs Lane Park across the street from Villaggio's Restaurant.

Speaking at the Board's meeting on June 11, he said the garden would be tended solely by volunteers and funded by donation. The garden, he said, would have the potential to produce upwards of 300 to 500 pounds of vegetables per year, which would all be donated to local charities and food banks.

Using the Bronxville Giving Garden and others like it as models, Mr. Spadafora  proposed a 40’ by 40’ area surrounded by wooden posts and wire mesh with a wooden shed to accompany it. His plans include planting flowers to decorate the area surrounding the garden.

“This is going to be a real landmark, “ he said. “I want this to be pretty.”

Alongside the impact of the donations are benefits and learning opportunities for the community of Pelham, explained Mr. Spadafora. He sees the garden as an opportunity for those interested in gardening to learn about sustainable and organic growing. Noting that it would be located just a block away from the Pelham Middle and High School, he said students will have a chance to get involved in the process.

“This is an opportunity for everyone to have a direct impact on other people’s lives,” he said.

Others locations were considered, but Wolfs Lane was the only location in the Village with ample sun exposure and clean soil for gardening, Mr. Spadafora said, while assurong the Board that the garden would notaffect any nearby residents

Membrs of the Board of Trustees and the Mayor seemed excited about the idea, but a few logistical problems still need to be solved. The main problem is finding a constant water supply, and the Board and Mr. Spadafora came up with a few possible solutions, including tapping a fire hydrant, using a water tank, or collecting rainwater.

If approved, Mr. Spadafora hopes this will be the start of many more communal gardens throughout Pelham, including possibly at the Pelham schools.

Discussions about the garden will continue into the summer.

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