7 TV Shows Like Carnival Row You Must Watch


Carnival Row, a steampunk fantasy series that debuted in 2019, has officially broadcast its last season. The series, which stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as two star-crossed faery lovers, is set in a world where mythological beings who were driven from their homes by conflict are forced to seek asylum in the human world, where enmity toward them is strong.

Here are a couple Carnival Row-related series to keep you occupied.

7 TV Shows Like Carnival Row You Must Watch

Shadowhunters (2016 2019)

This Netflix series, which is based on the YA novel series The Mortal Instruments, is about a teenage girl who learns she is half-angel and has the ability to see and hunt demons. Before being abruptly canceled, the supernatural television series on Netflix aired for three seasons.

Wednesday (2022 )

The renowned Netflix series Wednesday Adams follows the melancholy title character as she unintentionally looks into a string of killings at their new boarding school, the Nevermore Academy. The show, like Carnival Row, is set in an alternate universe where mythical animals are real and features a primary mystery and supernatural aspects.

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Grimm (2011 2017)

GRIMM 2011-2017

The well-known Grimm Brothers fairy tale volumes served as how-to guides for slaying supernatural foes in this series. One police officer finds out that he comes from a long line of Grimms, and his job is to protect people from the dangerous things that only he can see.

His Dark Materials (2019 2022)

This television series depicts the tale of a girl destined to free her world from oppression. It is based on a trilogy of novels set in the same universe. The program includes fantastical creatures, epic wars, multiverses, and, like Carnival Row, themes examining the struggle for equality and freedom. This fantasy saga’s three seasons are all available to stream on HBO Max.

The Witcher (2019 )

The Witcher - Rotten Tomatoes

It centers on Henry Cavill and chronicles the exploits of monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, who values isolation over social interaction. Since its debut, the sitcom has had one spin-off, garnered numerous awards, and been nominated for three Emmys.

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American Gods (2017 2021)

This series includes magical beings, just like Carnival Row. Yet, they are celestial beings in this universe as opposed to legendary animals. The protagonist is a former criminal with the properly given moniker Shadow who ends up working for a real god. Produced by Bryan Fuller, the Prime Video series got two Emmy nominations over the course of its three-season run.

Sleepy Hollow (2013 2017)

Sleepy Hollow (TV Series 2013–2017) - IMDb

In Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane, a 1700s double agent, is brought back to life in the present day to assist in figuring out the headless horseman mystery. The rough version of Washington Irving’s short story The Legend of Sleepy Hallow ran for four seasons on Fox until being canceled in 2017.

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