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Carnival Row Season 2 Review: An amazing conclusion originally published on Ready Steady Cut.

There are no major story points or spoilers in our review of Carnival Row Season 2 on Amazon Video.

It’s been a while since the first season of Carnival Row, the neo-noir fantasy series starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, was released by Prime Video in 2019. The series, which was created by Ren Echevarria and Travis Beacham, was initially renewed before it ever aired, but the pandemic postponed the release of the second episode.

Season 2 will be released in weekly installments of two episodes, unlike the first season, which was neatly packaged for binge-watching. It is also longer than the first season and, sadly, serves as the series finale after fans waited 3.5 years to see the show’s continuation only to find out that its ending is bittersweet.

Carnival Row Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

Carnival Row' Season 2 Review - Violent, Heartbreaking, But A Satisfying  End to the Faefolk's Story | Midgard Times

Season 2 begins only a few weeks after the events of season 1, with Carnival Row still under the strict lockdown established by Jonah Breakspear, the new chancellor of The Republic of Burgue (Arty Froushan).

Armed guards and barbed-wire fencing encircle the ghetto to prevent the Fae-folk from flying, which causes a terrible plague among them.

In order to help the afflicted, Vignette (Delevingne) continues to work with the Black Ravens commanded by Dhalia (Chloe Pirrie). The tiny bit of calm that is still on the row is threatened by a string of gruesome murders, which forces Philo (Bloom) to return to his prior position within the Constabulary.

The two begin the season as a couple, but their relationship is threatened by their opposing ideologies and the rising hostility between humans and Fae-folk. Former Beautiful courtesan Tourmaline (Karla Crome), who is currently jobless, discovers that the Haruspex (witch), Aoife, has endowed her with frightening powers (Alice Krige).

Jonah fights to maintain his position of authority in the Burgue parliament despite the economic catastrophe in his ghetto. The city’s factories are losing out on inexpensive labour since the critch can no longer leave the Row. The ever-increasing use of mind tricks by Sophie, the new chancellor’s ally, sister, lover, and adversary, is another issue he must handle. Poor Runyon Millworthy (Simon McBurney), who rose from being a street musician to serving as the chancellor’s special counsellor, needs to find a way to balance his devotion to Jonah and his affection for the Fae people imprisoned in the Row.

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The interspecies romance between the heiress Imogen (Tamzin Merchant) and the faun Agreus (David Gyasi) ended last season with the two setting sail shortly before the ghetto’s enforcement to get away from her envious brother Ezra (Andrew Gower). The honeymoon unfortunately doesn’t last very long. They soon discover themselves imprisoned in Ragusa, where the New Dawn, a revolutionary organisation, has taken control and established a new way of life.

Carnival Row‘s first season included an abundance of mythology, character-driven drama, social satire, sex, and violence. This season is more comparable, lacking the sex but featuring increased violence and bigger stakes. The programme isn’t afraid to depict the most sinister aspects of its universe, and it introduces a new, horrifying creature that will undoubtedly give me nightmares for weeks to come. The show still heavily emphasises character development in addition to gorgeous cinematography and extraordinary effects.

Is Carnival Row season 2 Good?

The flawless world-building in Carnival Row is one aspect that stands out. Also, Season 2 adds intriguing new puzzle parts. We get to discover new areas, interact with various Fae-people, and gain a deeper understanding of how the world operates. The profusion of information has the drawback of feeling crowded. It’s a fast-paced series that requires the viewer’s full and undivided attention because there is a lot going on.

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One of the few television shows that has a good conclusion is Carnival Row. It doesn’t seem hurried, and the effort the authors and producers put into the story elevates the finished work. Season 1 was excellent, but Season 2 is incredible. Drama, interesting character arcs, shocking plot turns, and tragic deaths are all present. Each episode is a beautifully constructed work of visual art that delivers a compelling and timely tale

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