Review of Shotgun Wedding (2022) – An Undeniably Entertaining Film

Review of Shotgun Wedding (2022): An unquestionably enjoyable blast! first posted on Ready Steady Cut.

There are no spoilers in our review of the Shotgun Wedding (2022) movie on Prime Video.

Within the last twelve months, there have been two releases of action-packed romantic comedies. Both blend corny romanticism with adventures akin to Die Hard. The first was the Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock movie Lost City. Despite a brilliant cameo, that movie’s romantic retread should have been left in the past. On January 27th, Shotgun Wedding, another film in the genre, will be available for viewing on Prime Video. They accept that long after the “will they or won’t they” stage of a relationship, couples will still argue and openly argue. This is consistently funny and provides a more intense experience that never fails to do anything other than amuse.

Shotgun Wedding (2022) Review and Plot summary

Shotgun Wedding Review: Jennifer Lopez Brings Fun to Action-Packed Rom-Com

The plot centres on Tom (Josh Duhamel) and Darcy (Jennifer Lopez), who are married on a stunning tropical island in the middle of the Philippines. Tom, a former major league baseball player, is no longer able to compete. He is up against the men that are in his fiance’s life. For starters, Robert, her father (Cheech Marin), is worth $60 million. His much younger acupuncturist, Harriet (D’Arcy Carden), is dating him. Robert doesn’t care for Tom and would much rather have his daughter marry her ex-boyfriend, Sean (Lenny Kravitz), a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who interrupts their wedding by helicopter without permission.

Their destination wedding is surrounded by two different types of guests as Tom obsessively wonders why Darcy won’t enjoy the wedding festivities. One of them is their domineering, rigid families. The wedding party is held hostage by a group of pirates who are after Robert’s money in particular. Fortunately, Tom and Darcy fight in their hotel room about her chilly feet. As a result, they must cooperate to get assistance and save their family members.

Shotgun Wedding has several wonderful touches and was written by Mark Hammer and directed by Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect). One reason is that Duhamel’s Tom is madly in love and wants the most enchanting wedding imaginable. Darcy played by Lopez is conflicted at the same time. Refreshing reverse friction is added by the contrast. It’s funny to see Kravitz poke fun at Tom, making the tall, handsome, and attractive actor feel and behave inferior. The real hidden weapon in this case is Duhamel’s capacity to convey insecurity. (Can you picture Armie Hammer, who was originally cast in the part?) Most significant, however, is the attractive and never-boring chemistry between the leads. especially when they cooperate and unintentionally outmaneuver their adversaries.

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The supporting ensemble, led by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jennifer Coolidge, contributes some genuine belly laughs to the writing even though the final act does slide into action-comedy clichés (The White Lotus). She plays the historical role of Tom’s boundary-breaking mother as always. The well-known deadpan delivery of Coolidge is spot-on, and she has a wide spectrum of comedic skills, from physical to improvised. (She has the funniest sequence involving a blazing gun since Meryl Streep in The Laundromat.) This enables the attractive leads to take a break from leading a movie with a thin plot.

Is Shotgun Wedding Good?

Yes, some of the corny elements from some romantic movies are present in Shotgun Wedding. Yes, some of the resolutions in the final act are similar to those in numerous buddy-action comedy. However, all are nicely done and provide ample chuckles thanks to the cast’s wide range of comic actors. Moore’s movie only succeeds by being indubitably amusing and even sweet rather than reinventing filmmaking or elevating the genre.

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