The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 7 Recap


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This article contains spoilers for The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 7, “The Fey Realm,” from Prime Video.

As Pike (Ashley Johnson) was left severely wounded and the Vox Machina were split into two factions, Season 2 Episode 6 ended on a cliffhanger.

Where Did Grog, Scanlan, and Pike End Up?

Critical Role Reveals Big Relationship Change to Two Vox Machina Members

We are welcomed to this pretty strange world by a large, mythical monster drifting into view as it emerges from within a fluffy, pink cloud, in a style reminiscent of Studio Ghibli.

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Who is Garmelie?

But Keyleth is too stressed out to take in the beauty. Scanlan, Pike, and Grog are all missing, and they may be anywhere. She accuses Umbrasyl of interfering with her spell, but Vax tries to reassure her by saying that she did her best to prevent any deaths. The survivors survey their new surroundings as they take in the harsh yet stunning Fey Realm.

What Does Craven Edge Do to Grog?

The Legend of Vox Machina Gave Sylas Its Coolest D&D Weapon

They walk into an enchanted meadow where the grass shines and is captivating. The gang is experiencing the aftereffects of Scanlan’s drug-induced vision of the Fey Realm, he claimed. Percy is in his element; having studied this area in his youth, he arrogantly claims to be a world authority and leads them on. However, nothing in this strange country is quite as it seems. When they change and morph into other entities, things and creatures seem to be mirages. As they pass through a weird plant, Vax is attacked by its tentacles. Despite the danger looming around them, Percy continues to enthusiastically advance.

Meanwhile, Grog, Scanlan, and Pike leave their portal and arrive in a place they are familiar with. They are not in the ethereal Fey Realm; rather, they are in a mountainous region of Tal Dorei. Pike tries to cure herself despite her bleeding profusely. They attempt to persuade Grog to break his alliance with Craven Edge while she commands him to lay down the evil blade. Grog, however, protects the blade even as it begins to savour Pike’s blood. Grog is used as a pawn by Craven Edge, who claims that they are simply envious. Grog appears to be about to use the sword to attack his friends, but instead he starts dismantling the sword. When he splits Craven Edge in half, a torrent of blood pours out and swallows Grog whole.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

The group looks to be wandering aimlessly in the Fey Realm until they encounter a sly satyr named Garmelie (voiced by Billy Boyd). He is discovered making crude drawings of the gang. He declines to assist and instead observes as the Vox Machina stumbles through this unfamiliar environment. When they reach a waterfall that is upside down, blob-like creatures begin to attack. The blobs combine to form one more powerful monster. Vax tries to fight back with his super speed, but the creature is too powerful. The beast doesn’t appear to be harmed by bullets or arrows, and any wound only burns. Vax allows the monster to pursue him while the rest of the squad is distracted since he recognises that the thing is solely after him.

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Grog wakes up in Tal Dorei to find that all of his muscles have been stripped from him. It serves as Craven Edge’s farewell gift. Grog is being dragged through the woods by Scanlan. Start a funny montage as Scanlan and Pike travel together with a dead Grog. While Scanlan and Pike seem to get along, he is beset by wolves and birds. Scanlan is viewed as a carer, yet his habitual flirting behaviour kills any spark.

Following the blob’s attack, Vex and Keyleth unintentionally inhale their foe’s spores and experience their own drug trip. This surreal, entertaining sequence effectively makes use of the distinctive animation style of the programme. Keyleth connects with nature by caressing the talking plants she sees in her hallucinations as Vex converses with Trinket. Percy merely observes in awe.

He then chases after Vax and aids in his blob beast defeat. The beast is killed when Percy electrifies the water. Vax remarks on how the creature was drawn to him and his armour, and how he is under pressure to travel alone since the darkness is engulfing him. Vax claims that Percy has his back, yet a distance is already developing.

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