Where Was Somebody I Used to Know Filmed?

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Where was the Somebody I Used to Know movie shot? initially featured on Ready SteadyCut.

Where was the movie Somebody I Used to Know for Prime Video 2023 shot? We talk about the well-known movie’s shooting sites.

The major character of Ally in Dave Franco’s sophomore movie, Somebody I Used to Know, is played by his incredibly gifted (and underappreciated) wife, Alison Brie. The narrative follows Ally as she makes her way back to Leavenworth, a town in Central Washington. She maintains contact with her family, former acquaintances, and her ex-fiance, Sean. Ally then starts to doubt every aspect of her decisions and the course she has taken in life. It gets worse when Cassidy, Sean’s fiancée, reminds her of the idealistic young woman she still yearns to be.

Where Was Somebody I Used to Know filmed a Breakdown of Filming Locations

Leavenworth, Washington

The majority of the moments occur right at the start of the movie, when Sean and Ally first meet after Ally moved away. They are having a makeshift date and getting to know one another in the musical montage. The town square is a Bavarian-style structure that serves German food and beer throughout the year, representing the township’s heritage. The community is tucked adjacent to the Cascade Mountains in central Washington State. The Wenatchee River is the location of the riverside conversation between the ex-couple.

Somebody I Used To Know Trailer: Alison Brie's Latest Is A Surprise  Community Reunion

The movies Mad Love (1995), All I Want for Christmas (2019), and Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas (2022) were all filmed in Leavenworth (2012).

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Portland, Oregon

With just over 2,000 residents, the town is home to the renowned Nutcracker Museum, which features thousands of nutcrackers, some of which date back decades.

Serenity Mountain Retreat, Estacada, Oregon

Portland, the largest city in Oregon (and the 26th-largest in the country), has 652,503 inhabitants. The River Bar’s karaoke sequence was filmed in the neighbouring city of Estacada. All of the staged and indoor bar scenes were filmed at Portland Events and Film Office. The city is renowned for being progressive, which includes free speech, sustainability, and nudity (which explains the attraction to a nudist colony shown in the film’s concluding momen


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