Danmachi Season 4 Release Date Confirmed With New Dungeon Anime Trailer

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The Japanese website has now confirmed the release date for DanMachi’s fourth season, It’s Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon!.

In the anime industry, AnimeJapan is a yearly event that anime lovers throughout the world eagerly anticipate. In order to present their latest news and products on a large stage, franchises from around the world flock to this event.

An exciting announcement was made on March 26th to the DanMachi fandom, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, that the release date for the forthcoming fourth season will be Summer of 2022. This morning, the official Japanese website announced the release date for the fourth season of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

This year, DANMACHI SEASON 4 was confirmed

Finally, DanMachi, It Wrong To Approach Girls in a Dungeon, has been given the go-light for a fourth season.

Many fans were not surprised to learn that their favorite anime would be returning for one more adventure in 2021 when it was revealed on January 31st.


Many fans were disappointed with Season 3, yet DanMachi is still a huge hit around the globe. Ratings on IMDB and Crunchyroll presently put the total series at 7.4/10 and MyAnimeList at 7.45/10 with over 234,000 reviews for the third season!

Fortunately, there is still a large amount of source material from the light novel series that can be adapted into additional seasons of anime. Volume 11 of Fujino Omori’s original series was covered in the Season 3 finale, according to Anime Geek.

To fans’ delight, DanMachi’s 17th volume was released in April 2021, which means that a fifth television adaptation might begin airing immediately!

It’s official: Anma confirms the release date for Season 4!

Season 4 of the hit anime will release in 2022, along with the news that DanMachi will be back for another adventure.

In January, a teaser announcement video confirmed the 2022 premiere but unfortunately did not provide a more definite release date.

Last but not least, DanMachi made an official announcement about the upcoming debut date of Season 4 at Anime Japan 2022.

An official trailer for the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead was released on May 22nd, and you can check it out down below.

This season’s amount of episodes has yet to be revealed, but past seasons have all featured 12 episodes and one OVA, so it’s not like it’s a surprise.

Oddly, the DanMachi anime adaptation’s production cycle at J.C.Staff has been greatly aided by the accessibility of source material. This season’s premiere is scheduled for July 2019, just five months after it was announced. The third season will therefore premiere in July 2020, around eight months after the formal renewal.

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AnMachi Season 4’s storyline

“Labyrinth Arc” will be adapted for Season 4 of DanMachi. For the sake of clarity, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of the plot arc in this part.

With each update, Hestia felt like she was filling up blank pages in a novel and witnessing any changes firsthand while updating Bell’s status at her house. As soon as she was completed, she told her daughter that she had reached a new level.

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While Bell’s crew was in the dungeon, the maids at the Hostess of Fertility were searching for Ryuu, who had vanished after leaving a letter.


In an attempt to calm Chloe down, who was afraid about Syr’s reaction after learning about Ryuu’s past, Lunoire intervened. Two Cat People waitresses were accusing Bell of being rude when Mia entered and told them to go back to their shift. Syr approached Mia about that matter, but Mia merely stated that if Syr didn’t know anything, then she wouldn’t either, and added that Ryuu was a nuisance.

At the Hostess of Fertility, Ryuu remembered his time there but stated that it was not enough to heal his wounds, knowing that the black flames of vengeance still burned in her heart. She was unable to hear the words of her comrades while she followed members of Evilus because she was consumed with the delight of encountering them again.

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