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It has been speculated that an original XXXTentacion anime series could be made in the near future, but when would it release, and what anime did he watch? In recent years, more and more musicians have come forth to admit that they enjoy anime, and a growing number of official music videos have been made in an anime style.

However, there has never been an anime with a musician featured either as a main character or in any capacity related to the production. There have been rumors recently that an original XXXTentacion anime could be developed; how likely is this, and what anime did the late rapper love watching?

Date of The Xxxtentacion Animated Series Release

The release date of the anime series is unknown because there has been no official confirmation that it is even being developed. The likelihood of an XXXTentacion anime series being made, however, would be affected by both the story’s genre (autobiography vs. original story) and the studio behind its creation.

Anime might potentially debut in -2022 if a series is ordered in the following six months and a studio of average size is given creative control.

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Can You Tell Me What Kind of Anime Xxx Tentacion Enjoyed Watching?

You probably knew XXXTentacion was a huge lover of anime and routinely communicated with fans about various series if you followed him on Twitter or listened to his interviews. The rapper tweeted his love for a number of “excellent animes” on January 23, 2016, including Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Blue Exorcist, Death Note, Sword Art Online, Naruto Shippuden, and Parasyte.

xxxtentacion anime

He would tell a Twitter follower, “f*** dubbed anime” and rave about how viewing One Piece in the original Japanese was the “best experience ever.” Anime music videos for two of XXXTentacion’s singles—”Bad” and “Sauce”—have recently been made available online. His entire career, however, has been littered with artwork and references to the style.

Opinions on Producing an Anime Sequel

In other words, XXXTentacion’s songs struck a chord with a wide audience. A lot of his songs were about suicide, melancholy, and other gloomy topics. Truly, the songs he wrote were thick and substantial. Since he achieved so much before he turned 20, many believe he must have been born with musical genius.

Although Onfroy was stunning to look at and possessed a natural talent for art, his scandalous behavior marred his reputation. His childhood was a terrible one. In a fit of homophobic jealousy, he nearly killed a cellmate while he was incarcerated for a long period at a juvenile detention center.

He faced charges of assault, battery, and domestic violence as well. The man had kidnapped and threatened his girlfriend. A lawsuit was filed against him, claiming that he physically and psychologically abused the woman.

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Onfroy’s Girlfriends and Random Bystanders Have Been Horrified by Him

Furthermore, he was almost disqualified from receiving a scholarship after allegations that he assaulted another student. Also, he was accused of resisting arrest, possessing a firearm, and interfering with a witness.

His lyrics glorifying the use of Xanax make him less of a good fit for an anime adaptation. You shouldn’t hold up Onfroy as a hero because he was an aggressive homophobe. I’ve already mentioned how gifted a musician XXXTentacion was. He is influential in the art world, but his history of wrongdoing prevents him from being a likable protagonist in an anime.

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