Shrinking Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date, Time and Where To Watch

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What is Penelope up to? was the post that originally published on Ready Steady Cut’s website for Lockwood and Co.

Spoilers follow for Lockwood and Co. Season 1 Episode 6, “You Never Asked,” from Netflix’s Lockwood and Co.

As if the young people of Lockwood & Co. didn’t already have enough to worry about, a man was found dead on their doorstep in the cliffhanger finale of Episode 5. He was known by the name of Carver, and he was the sidekick of a relic hunter by the name of Danny, an old buddy of Anthony’s who is also dead after attempting to rip out his own eyes after seeing something dreadful in a magic mirror that still has to be located. There is a lot going on, and “You Never Asked” tackles it all as the show picks up steam toward the end.

  • Jimmy invites Alice to a meal as he tries to repair their relationship. Alice is busy though, spending the night at neighbor Liz s house. Liz has become a mother figure to Alice since her own mom died.
  • Jimmy bails Sean out of jail after the soccer match assault. Sean asks for lawyer suggestions and Jimmy is forced to call his old best friend Brian. Awkwardly, they haven t spoken in a year.
  • At work, Jimmy continues his new style of therapy, taking a patient to face his fears head-on. Jimmy tries to avoid Paul and Grace, who don t know about the fight.
  • Brian manages to get Sean s victim to drop assault charges. He’s ecstatic with the result and wants to celebrate, but Jimmy has work. He asks him to join him for a pickleball match that night, but Jimmy declines that invitation too. Brian interrupts a therapy session later in the episode to confront Jimmy about this rude rejection.
  • Alice meets with Paul in secret to discuss their father. Paul advises Alice to face her grief head-on and to pretend to reconnect with Jimmy, to fake it ’til you make it. She decides to go to dinner with him after all.
  • Gaby confronts Liz and tells her to back off of Alice. Alice tells Liz that she won t be coming around for a meal tonight. She goes to have dinner with Jimmy, but he is off to play pickleball with Brian. They both skirt around the subject and go elsewhere.
  • Jimmy reconnects with Brian. He admits that he ghosted Brian because his best friend was too optimistic, he just wanted to be miserable and grieve. Brian apologizes.
  • Alice visits Paul, annoyed that Jimmy declined the meal invitation. Although Alice didn t make the invitation obvious after all.
  • Sean is kicked out by his parents and moves in with Jimmy. Clearly, Alice isn t best pleased with this new arrangement.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

The children are allowed to look into Carver’s murder by Barnes. The only lead they have is that he was killed with a dagger from the sixteenth century, one of a pair, but there are more important problems to take care of first.

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Where to watch online

Shrinking Episode 3: When is it Releasing? What to Expect Next? |  Leisurebyte

In Episode 4, it was revealed that Lucy is the only person since Marissa Fittes who appears to be able to communicate with Type 3 ghosts. A Type 3 skull just so happens to be in the jar that George took from the Fittes Agency, and it talks a lot in “You Never Asked.” In order to learn more about the bone glass, it requests that Lucy take it back to the home of its master, Bickerstaff.

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  • Jimmy is trying to help out Sean, who is going through a rough patch. Yet Jimmy may have allowed Sean to move in for other, more selfish reasons. This may work as a great distraction for Jimmy, so he doesn t have to work on his issues with Alice in private.
  • The awkward dinner rejection may stall any progress between Jimmy and Alice, now they might just revert back to their old ways.
  • Paul is starting to open up more and has allowed Alice into his safe space. He might invite Jimmy and Gaby around or open up more about his personal life at work.
  • Jimmy will continue to make drastic changes to his therapy practice. This will eventually backfire though. One of his patients will take his advice but then have a complete meltdown afterward
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