Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

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This article includes spoilers for Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 of Apple TV+.

The accident has revealed many of the passengers’ darkest, most intimate secrets, even as those who were directly impacted by the crash work to reconstruct their own lives. In Stuff, Linda (Amy Forsyth) and Dee Dee (Connie Britton) travel to Los Angeles to face these secrets head-on while the other victims attempt to heal in their own, distinct ways. In this endearing episode, Eddie (Colin O’Brien) forges relationships with Shay (Eva Ariel Binder) and Adriana (Anna Uzele) and Kojo (Idris Debrand).

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Dear Edward (S01E01): Season 1, Episode 1 Summary - Season 1 Episode 1 Guide

The beginning of this episode has Eddie and his family dropping off their belongings at Aunt Lacey’s. Eddie, who is still having a hard time coping with the loss, is brought back to sad memories by these things and, later, by particular places. Shay makes the decision to research the present the stranger gave Eddie in order to distract himself from everything. The head that has shrunk down comes from the Museum of the Strange and Curious. She proposes going to this museum in Manhattan to find Eddie’s biggest supporter.

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Why Are Dee Dee and Linda Traveling to LA?

On the same aircraft to LA, Linda and Dee Dee run into each other in the interim. After the accident, I find it incomprehensible that these two are so eager to board a plane. I doubt that I will ever board a plane again. Linda will introduce herself to her boyfriend’s parents and inform them of her pregnancy. Dee Dee is investigating her husband’s hidden condo while she is away. Linda isn’t too shocked to learn that Gary’s parents were unaware of her or the pregnancy. Reiterating that she doesn’t expect anything in return, she merely wanted people to be aware of the reality. The parents, though, are overjoyed.

Dee Dee finds the condo less enjoyable. She rambles aimlessly throughout the building. It’s like peering into someone else’s life. With a guitar and a record player, Charles seems to be a completely different guy in this house. A letter from Noelle with a return address is then found by Dee Dee. Naturally, she immediately goes to her husband’s lover’s home to confront the burglar. Noelle wasn’t having an affair after all; she is married and has a child. At her facility for LGBTQ adolescents, Charles volunteered. Every new revelation leaves Dee Dee completely perplexed. She leaves while sobbing uncontrollably.

How do Kojo and Adriana Bond?

Dear Edward' isn't just another sob story - The Boston Globe

Adriana and Kojo reunite. Adriana is experiencing a minor breakdown because she decided to run for congresswoman but she lacks the necessary number of signatures. She can’t sleep at night since her toilet is broken. Kojo offers to assist her with the toilet and the autographs. As a result, Becks and Adriana can get along. The niece eventually talks about her mother’s passing. Kojo and Becks aren’t doing much better either; they were evicted from their flat and are currently residing in an unsavoury room next to a restaurant. Instead, Adriana proposes they remain with her. Are Kojo and Adriana going to fall in love?

Eddie and Shay are getting along in Manhattan as well. They go to the museum but are unable to locate the stranger. Eddie goes back to the falafel shop where he used to hang out with his brother and his former apartment complex. Eddie loses his breath from the stress of it all as these locations bring back painful memories. He runs home and tells Lacey the truth. She gives him the injunction to never do such a thing again in an extremely stern manner. Eddie storms off, but it’s unclear if he’s upset that she’s putting boundaries or if it’s exactly what he needs.

These smaller plots are still connected to one another. Linda freaked out when Gary’s parents invite her to move in and calls Dee Dee. The wealthy woman is looking through Charles’ photos while she is now sorting through his clothes. According to one of the pictures, Charles may have been gay and was still having an affair.

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She invites Linda over, and they talk about their individual problems. Dee Dee is happy Linda managed to get away. She then discusses her ideal marriage while acknowledging that everything about it was too fantastic to be true. They reflect about the letter from Noelle, and Linda understands they went to a place where you could break objects and wreck cars. They make the decision to investigate it themselves.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The stranger who gave Edward a shrunken head posts a letter to Edward as the programme comes to a close. possibly a reference to the name of the show. John takes up the envelope and adds it to a cache he is keeping hidden in the house. He is Lacey’s accomplice. It appears that a lot of people are writing to Edward, or perhaps they are all coming from the same person. Because of the crash, Eddie has gained a lot of notoriety. In any case, I believe the couple is doing responsibly by keeping this information from Eddie. These letters may be requests for advice or offers of assistance. I don’t believe his mental health could currently handle receiving fan mail very well.

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