Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Do Gaurav and Neel Deliver the Seeds?

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Since the series’ premiere, Episode 5 has been the most gripping installment, and it successfully balances being an apocalyptic thriller with without preaching. The two primary performances by Adarsh Gouravand and Gaz Choudhry, both of which are excellent, deserve a lot of the praise.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Extrapolations' Episode 5 Recap And Ending, Explained - Did It Finally Rain  In India? | Film Fugitives

A woman steals something from a storage lab in Svalbard, Norway, as the episode begins. Have you ever heard the myth that the US maintains an underground bunker stocked with various medicines, seeds, and other supplies in case of a global catastrophe?

The woman appears to be consuming seeds. She hears the guards and starts to escape through the dimly lit hallways. As she reaches an aperture with a view of the sea, she dives in. Then, underwater ship lights start to come on. We assume she will swim and bring whatever she stole on board the submarine.

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Who is Gaurav?

A young man named Gaurav was paid 10,000 euros to operate a vehicle. Adarsh Gourav, the star of Netflix’s The White Tiger, portrays him.

Gaurav, who plays him, is the main character, as one would assume. He is recruited to help the madam drive some cargo from Mumbai. Some even sell oxygen puffs on the street due to the bad quality of the air. The character picks up where part one left off as the episode begins.

Neel (Gaz Choudhry), his new partner, informs him that they must only communicate in English and not Hindi during the course of their work. Second, he has to operate the vehicle due to Neel’s wheelchair. Neither of them is aware of the nature of the unlawful cargo they are transporting.

You’ll notice that they only move at night because the daytime temperatures are too high. Birds who attempt to take their own lives by car typically attack moving vehicles.

And when they get to the motel, they spend the night in body-shaped pods that are vented and, I guess, air-conditioned.

What Are Gaurav and Neel Carrying?

Extrapolations Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained - The Cinemaholic

But we’re not sure, Gaurav and Neele soon learn these are rice seeds. They must be the ones taken from Norway (they must be).

The police, who have been informed about their cargo, intercept them on the second leg of their journey. If they are taken out of the car, Neel asks if he can push him in his wheelchair.

Naturally, they are both forced out of the truck and assaulted. While Neel is in pain on the ground near the passenger side door, Gaurav is pulled to the back to show them their goods. He pushes Neel into his wheelchair while he unloads the barrels, but the police have Gaurav on his knees.

As they prepare to shoot him, the police say they are simply holding fans when they discover a canister. Neels kills the three officers at that point by shooting them all.

While this is happening, an American woman (Keri Russell) checks into a hotel and uses a drone to track both of them using her phone. We find that she was employed by Alpha Industries’ owner, Nicholas Bilton.

She observes them enter the madam’s establishment. They must send Dr. Mann, a geneticist, and the seeds to Amritsar.

They are provided with a specific car that can cool down and provide protection so that this can be done in hazardous conditions. Because the police are looking for them, this has to be done during the day.

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Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Do Gaurav and Neel Deliver the Seeds?

The scientist and the seeds are delivered to Amritsar by Gaurav, but Neel is killed by the assassin hired by Bilton. She shoots his torso with three bullets, arranged in a triangle. Gaurav tries to hit her from behind with the canister, but he trips and tumbles.

The mother of the kid Neel saved stabs her in the neck as she turns to face him with a knife that Gaurav drops. In the closing scene, Gaurav visits the tiny village where Neel perished. He settles into his wheelchair as the rain starts to fall. The boy receives the seed from him.

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