Liaison Season 1 Review – Not Even Vincent Cassel Can Save This Middling Spy Thriller


Not even Vincent Cassel can redeem this mediocre spy thriller, according to the postLiaison Season 1 Review, which first published on Ready Steady Cut.

There are no spoilers in our review of Liaison Season 1 on Apple TV+.

Nowadays, rather than on anything like a battlefield, most conflicts are waged in government boardrooms or on anonymous computer screens that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It appears to be the situation in the spy drama Liaison as well.

In the interconnected, global espionage story that takes place across Europe and the Middle East, the Apple Original series, starring Hollywood heartthrobs Eva Green (Casino Royale) and Vincent Cassel (Black Swan), focuses on the rising cyberattacks in the UK. This international thriller has all the makings of becoming another smash hit on Apple TV+, but due to poor structure and subpar drama, it severely falls short of its potential.

Liaison Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Review: Episodes 1-6 - IGN

The warning signals are obvious right away thanks to an oddly startling opening titles sequence that feels old-fashioned and surreal.

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The premise of Liaison is your typical spy thriller, with little intrigue to draw viewers in or any genuine emotional connections to keep fans coming back week after week. It is neither nostalgic nor hallucinatory.

And why would you when there is so much great entertainment available? In the series, an unidentified terrorist group has targeted London and has been stepping up its cyberattacks. Widespread flooding was caused by their first large strike in the nation’s capital, and these damaging terrorist attacks only got worse over the course of the series.

The story’s central characters are French mercenary Gabriel Delage (Vincent Cassel) and private secretary Alison Rowdy (Eva Green). When the British attempt to establish a new cyber security agreement with the European Commission, Alison is tasked with political diplomacy. Gabriel is searching for a USB key that contains vital information on the terrorists’ ultimate, devastating cyber-attack at the same time. The French and the British are hunting two brilliant Syrian hackers throughout Europe in search of this crucial information in an effort to save many lives.

Is Liaison Season 1 Worth Watching?

Naturally, the two primary characters and plotlines quickly cross over. Many indications of an earlier affair between our two moody characters exist between Alison and Gabriel, who seem to be inextricably bound to one another. Alison is preparing to tie the knot and has a new life. Gabriel, on the other hand, fits the stereotype of the lone wolf, adopting multiple identities and intricate disguises as needed for the job. In the midst of a country-wide revolution, a reunion between these two strange lovers brings up old wounds and new problems.

Liaison is, regrettably, a complete failure from Apple. The early episodes of this high-budget British-French co-production are wasted on weak drama and political rubbish, even shoehorning in the Brexit discussion for some relevance.

Overall, Liaison is a fairly uninteresting novel; the cyber-attacks don’t feel dangerous, nobody ever seems to be in danger, the major characters are difficult to relate to or find interesting, and the mystery past of Alison and Gabriel is uninspiring.

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Also, the conversation comes across as stiff throughout, with characters either overacting or jarringly delivering their lines. Although there are some breathtaking drone images available and Vincent Cassel is his normal pleasant, carefree self, the directing, by Predator 2 director Stephen Hopkins, may be to blame for this tone mismatch. The French actor, who excels in every role in which he performs, looks strangely squandered in this one. This brand-new, six-part series cannot be saved from forgettable mediocrity by the charismatic Cassel.

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