Make or Break Season 2 Review – An Adrenaline Filled Party Wave

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An adrenaline-fueled party wave: Make or Break Season 2 Review first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We evaluate the Make or Break Season 2 Apple TV+ documentary, starring Kelly Slater and Tatiana Weston-Webb.

The second season of the reality television programme Make or Break will air on Apple TV+. We follow surfers from all over the world as they compete in competition after competition in the eight-episode docuseries in the aim of competing for the World Championship Title. We get an intimate peek into each competitor’s life outside of the waves and the challenges they are facing in order to win as they set out to do that.

Make or Break Season 2 Review

Make or Break follows the competitors from all around the world who are vying for the World Championship in the world of professional surfing. The series also provides a behind-the-scenes peek at the surfers’ life and the sacrifices they make in order to succeed.

Kelly Slateris consistently strives to be the best, defying the passage of time. Slater hopes to win the championship again while fending off speculations that this is his final attempt and the challenge from the younger surfers. When Slater races against time to win in the first episode, you can hear his wife exclaim, “I got chills,” and my gosh, I felt the same way. What a fantastic way to begin the second season.

When you watch this, you can’t help but be completely in awe of what these surfers are accomplishing. Each time they are on the board, the strength, balance, and patience that go into it are brilliant. My jaw was on the floor as I observed numerous of these attempts on the water. Like, it’s amazing how they manage to move so quickly while yet managing to stay on the board.

The camera technique used in the series to record every second in that water is another incredible effort. You can watch each of these surfers being swept away by the ocean, but it’s amazing to see how the camera catches them getting back on the board. It’s one of those instances where everything works out perfectly. The editing in this case is important because it immerses us in the action and evokes strong emotions while we watch these predetermined races.

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The personal aspect of these sports-themed docuseries is essential to their quality. In the water, we certainly experience wonder and horror, but by making these surfers relevant to us, the viewer makes the ride worthwhile. Whether you are rooting for Kelly Slater to win one more title orTatiana Weston-Webbto capture her crown, you are getting to know these people and cheering and getting caught up in those competitions.

Is Make or Break Season 2 good?

Yes, particularly if you enjoyed the first season.

Naturally, getting to know these surfers and witnessing the sacrifices they make in order to succeed in everything is motivational.

Make or Breakis successful because it shows the athletes at their most vulnerable

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