Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – Does Leanne Have Supernatural Powers?

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What happened in The postServant Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Does Leanne possess special abilities? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

This recap of Servant Season 4 Episode 5: Neighbors for Apple TV+ contains spoilers.

After finally making amends, Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) want to permanently get rid of their crazy nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger Free). The couple decides to throw a neighbourhood party to meet the new cult members on the street, whom they now wish to support, after receiving a timely letter from the Church of the Lesser Saints may just speed up their plans. The focus of Neighbors is this planned cocktail party, which leads Leanne to respond by engaging in, unsurprisingly, destructive behaviour.

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Servant Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Boo | Tell-Tale TV

The first scene of the episode shows Dorothy and Sean cuddling on the bed while holding hands. This couple has experienced a lot together, but they are once again working together. Dorothy is inspired to end her relationship with Leanne once and for all by this reunion. She requests to be put in her wheelchair so she can finally leave her bed and move more freely throughout her house. Dorothy’s first task is to use the stair lift to descend. When she reaches the bottom, she notices an envelope being posted and grabs it, almost falling over as she does so.

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What Does the Church of The Lesser Saints Want?

The Church of the Lesser Saints is the source of the letter. The chance to take Leanne back would be a dream come true for them, so they hope to get it. Sean receives the letter from Dorothy, and the two of them decide to host a cocktail party and invite all of the new neighbours. They anticipate the arrival of the cult members to collect their reward. The couple recognises Leanne’s harmful propensities and decides to keep Jericho always in their sights.

Julian learns about the party from Sean and Dorothy, and he swiftly deduces that they are trying to get rid of Leanne. He begins by taking the Turners’ side in defence, saying that Leanne belongs with this family. Sean feels that the events of the next several days will conclusively demonstrate that Leanne is not of this world, even though Julian isn’t quite convinced of her supernatural abilities just yet. Of course, Leanne also sees through the ruse fairly quickly and is constantly wary of Sean.

Which Neighbors Are Probably Cult Members?

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Neighbors | Tell-Tale TV

The new neighbours are introduced in a montage as Sean knocks on doors to invite people to the party. It’s a cute little guess-who game where the audience evaluates each guest in the same way as Sean and Dorothy do. A young couple who appear to be stocking up in front of the end of the world are the initial suspects. They unquestionably have a weird quality about them, as usual.

Many of the neighbours show their obsession with the famous couple at the celebration by requesting selfies and signatures from both Dorothy and Sean. Sean even gets flirted with by an elderly woman. The pair struggles to find other allies as they converse about art and religion. Leanne has gone one better; while they are away, she has dispatched her followers to search the homes of the neighbours for any clues. They discover a piece of art that appears to be from a cult, but we are not told which residence it came from.

On the back of one particular guest’s neck, Dorothy notices a scar. She works out a scheme to pair Leanne up with this older man. After showing the man her backyard garden, Dorothy requests that Leanne check the back gate.

Oh, that tired cliche, the older man approaches Leanne and claims to be a professor of photography looking for models. The creep continues, “I’m in an open marriage.” When Dorothy sees this happening, she intervenes to save things from getting worse. Leanne thanks her, but Dorothy is adamant that they are no longer friends.

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How Will Leanne Defend Herself?

The delighted pair reorganizes after learning their ideas are failing. They have practically done everything, but they still are unable to determine who is a member of the cult and who is not. They might all be members of the Church of the Lesser Saints. They choose to turn off the electricity as a last-ditch effort to see whether the cult will reveal itself in the shadows. On the doorstep, Leanne is grabbed by two strangers in an effort to kidnap her.

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Does Leanne Have Supernatural Powers?

The entire home starts to tremble as Leanne demonstrates her terrible supernatural abilities. The walls and floor of the cellar begin to show large fissures. The structure collapses in on the visitors, and Sean almost gets crushed by the chandelier. Julian, who now genuinely fears Leanne’s skills, leaps for Jericho and defends him with his life. Leanne’s performance not only delivered her from her adversaries but also definitively established her magical prowess. Given this overwhelming proof, it is quite difficult to contest Leanne’s talents, but the designers always appear to have a defence.

A sizable sinkhole is in the middle of the street when the partygoers step outdoors. Leanne approaches the crater’s rim and looks within. She observes with a tentative smile, perhaps scared of her own power but yet amazed. Her supporters assemble around the sinkhole and ogle her. In awe of Leanne and her skills, one follower even drops to their knees. If they had any doubts, they are now certain of her genuine ability. The Turners made a mistake in their choice of deity to battle.

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