Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

Release information for Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5 and where to watch it first published on Ready Steady Cut.

We talk about the release date and online streaming options for the fifth episode of the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3.

On Truth Be Told, things are heating up. Poppy (Octavia Spencer) and the gang are close to finding Trey (Isaiah Jarel), their top suspect in the Case of the Missing Dream, and Aames (David Lyons) appears to have a solid lead in the Missing Emily Mills case as well. Additionally, Eva (Gabrielle Union) makes some surprising revelations, and the mayoral race takes an unexpected turn.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Her is a significantly improved episode, bringing tense drama and major revelations, while some of these turns may be difficult to accept and the conclusion may seem overly theatrical. What transpired in Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 4 is as follows:

  • Trini s parents search for their daughter. Poppy worries that Trini has been groomed by Aubrey and may be in danger.
  • Poppy and Eva raid Aubrey s locker and find expensive shoes and pieces of jewelry. Trini s parents find more gifts at home and reveal photographs of Trini.
  • Poppy asks to reach out to Aubrey via her podcast. At first, the parents are defensive, but then they decide to give Aubrey a pseudonym to hide his identity. Poppy pleads with Aubrey on her podcast, asking him to come home.
  • Using social media, they find a friend of Aubrey s called Cooper and question him next. He talks about his history with Trey. He too was conned into the sex trafficking world. Trey had him and Aubrey trick high school girls into making sex tapes. Cooper suggests checking out Trey s recording studio, although he does t know the exact location.
  • Desiree tells Poppy that she isn t pregnant. Poppy refuses to tell her sisters that Shreve isn t her biological father.
  • Aames and Markus look into the purchasing of these gold chains and discover they were bought by Alicia Rodriguez, the woman that Eva is currently intimate with. Eva overhears this nugget of information and confronts Alicia about it.
  • At the fundraiser, Shreve steals the stage and asks Questeur to put out an alert in the search for Trini. Lee begrudgingly agrees. Meanwhile, Eva messages Alicia about the chains. Alicia bought them for Andrew Finney. Eva realizes that Finney was her trafficker all those years ago and he is still in the game.

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  • Trey argues with Aubrey and strangles him in front of Trini. Aubrey forces Trini to wear her new dress. She is scared and begs to go home.
  • Aames investigates Victor s second home and finds a possible clue. He is contacted by Poppy about Trey s possible location and heads over with another police officer.
  • Markus breaks into the studio and chases after Trey. Poppy finds evidence that Trini has been branded. Trey escapes, but Aames assistant shoots him dead.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date and Time

The fifth episode of Season 3 is slated to air on Apple TV+ on February 17, 2023. It will be released at 12 a.m. PT. Freedom Is Never Given; It Is Won is the title of Episode 5 and it will be 44 minutes long.

Where to watch online

With an Apple TV+ subscription, viewers from all over the world can watch Truth Be Told: Season 3 Episode 5 on an aforementioned day.

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  • The search for Trini and Aubrey will no doubt continue. They are the closest they ve ever been to find the teens. Hopefully, they can track them down with all these fresh clues.
  • The death of Trey means a possible suspect and all his secrets are now lost. They will turn their investigation towards Finney, who is involved in all this. He could be Trey s boss and the mastermind behind the whole business.
  • Shreve may divulge this information to Lee Hackman, in the hopes of bringing Finney to justice. Who knows, Lee might be involved in it all as well.

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