What Happens to Edward’s Letters in Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4?

What happens to Edward’s letters? – Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4 Recap initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

This recap of Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4, Chrysalis, for Apple TV+ contains spoilers.

The fourth episode, appropriately titled Chrysalis, is a turning point for the main characters in this heartbreaking drama series. They must recover from their depression and grief to become more resilient and emotionally intelligent persons. Each character experiences unique life-changing experiences. After years of homeschooling, Edward (Colin O Brien) returns to high school, Dee Dee (Connie Britton) looks into her husband’s second life, and Adriana (Anna Uzele) mulls over her future plans. Another one of those movies that drags in the beginning but suddenly picks up steam at the finish with some moving scenes.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

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Let’s begin with Edward’s character development. After years of attending home school, the weeping miracle boy has returned to mainstream education. He trembles as he moves down the hallways, but Shay is there to provide support and assistance. Despite wanting to blend in, he is a bit of an oddball and a celebrity on the school grounds. He puts on his brother’s jacket, a piece of clothes he views as hip and in style. The following day, Edward dons this with a newfound sense of assurance. Even though Edward refuses to take the coat off, this causes a confrontation with his new teacher and further taunting. Edward panics after this altercation and flees.

Dee Dee, who is battling her own issues, has made the decision to remain in Charles’ condo where she is looking for closure. A adolescent casually strolls inside the premises in search of their toothbrush as the bills are being cancelled. Dee Dee queries their identity and how they came to know her husband. Uncomfortably, the youngster admits to staying with Charles, who allowed them to camp there. Charles even aided them in finding employment. When Dee Dee inquires about her husband’s sexual orientation, the teen either doesn’t know or is too afraid to respond.

Who Was Charles Having an Affair With?

The bereaved wife keeps looking into things, visiting Noelle at her LGBTQ Center. When Dee Dee asks inquiries, Noelle initially seems coy but then provides cryptic responses. Noelle acknowledges that Charles assisted twelve people—homeless, abused, or abandoned—in need. Although she is unsure if Charles was gay, she guesses that he was at least considering his sexuality. Evan, a man seen in a photo with Charles, is located by Dee Dee. Charles and Evan have a sexual relationship, Evan admits.

What Happens to Edward’s Letters?

Laceyand John muses on what to do with all of Edward’s correspondence. Over 200 letters have been counted by his aunt, and she even snuck a peek inside a handful of them. She believes that insane people are writing her nephew insane letters that, if the youngster were to read them, would traumatise him.

While they decide to save Edward’s letters, they also resolve to cease reading new ones.

These two find it extremely difficult to handle their new responsibilities and are unsure on how to best assist Edward. Lacey tries to connect with Edward, but he is growing aloof and even fighting with his aunt. She reminds him too much of his mother, which upsets him. Lacey’s conversation with Edward regarding his mother, Jane, is tense. When Taylor Schilling describes how amazing Jane actually was in one of her childhood stories, the audience is captivated.

Who Is Involved in Adriana’s Love Triangle?

Adriana, who is vying to become a congresswoman, is the subject of another subplot. A sort of love triangle begins to emerge. Of course, she lives with Kojo and Becksnow. The campaign manager for Adriana notices a spark between her and Kojo. The Reverend Eric and Adriana, who have a past together, are the Ghanaian’s rivals. The Reverend is more than happy to assist Adriana in planning Akua’s funeral when she asks him to. Adriana finds them a lovely location, and Kojo requests Becks to create a befitting adornment for her mother’s casket. Adriana comforts an upset Becks at the funeral. They adopted Beck’s proposal and produced an exquisite butterfly casket. Then, at the afterparty, they dance. Rev. Eric looks at Kojo. A conflict is developing.

Characters from the support group begin to speak up more frequently. When Lacey mentions how envious she is of her sister, Sam the man intervenes. Then Amanda gets into a fight with a man named Steve. It appears that Brent, Amanda’s husband, died in the collision, and Steve is Brent’s sibling. These two are at odds with one another because of Brent. Brent and Amanda were engaged to be married and in love. However, Brent and Steve had a falling out as Brent developed an addiction. Although Amanda doesn’t want Steve to be present at the sessions, she eventually decides to get along with her adversary.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

All of the episode’s several subplots come to a finish. Dee Dee achieves some measure of closure and gives the teen her husband’s Rolex watch. Edward then gives Shay his brother’s jacket after acknowledging that it would look better on her. He talks about how he doesn’t know who he is anymore while sleeping on the floor next to his new pal. Be a part of the club, Shay says. While Edward deals with the additional grief of losing his entire family, these two teenage outcasts are having a difficult time navigating their adolescent worlds. Really, despite these minor difficulties, he is doing fantastic.

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