Who is Jordan in Dear Edward?

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Jordan’s identity in Dear Edward: In this post, we talk about one of the major figures from the brand-new Dear Edward on Apple TV+.

Jason Katims’ brand-new series Dear Edward, which is currently airing on Apple TV Plus, is an adaptation of the same-titled best-selling book by Ann Napolitano. The plot follows the relatives of the dead as they traverse the sad events surrounding a plane crash that claimed the lives of everyone on board, with the exception of 12-year-old boy called Edward.

The first episode centres on the day of the disaster and introduces a vast cast of people, including some of the passengers on the plane and their relatives.

Who is Jordan in Dear Edward?

Who is Jordan? Dear Edward character explained

The second episode changes the focus to the aftermath of the catastrophe and demonstrates how people around the globe respond to the tragedy and young Edward’s remarkable survival. When viewing the series, one could feel bewildered because of the extensive cast of characters. For example, Jordan is frequently mentioned, but one might not be able to recall his identity. In that case, you’ve come to the right place! What is known about him is as follows:

Edward’s older brother is Jordan. Her mother’s job necessitates the two of them to relocate from New York to California, and neither of them is really pleased about it. Since their parents were forced to pull them out of school because Edward was being bullied in class, they have been homeschooled for a number of years. He is undoubtedly the smarter of the two and occasionally tries to assist Jordan with their lessons.

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Who plays Jordan in the Series Dear Edward?

Jordan becomes upset with the situation and, in spite of anything he may have said in the past, decides he wants to attend public school once they get in Los Angeles. Edward flips out when he hears about it on the plane since so much change is happening so quickly and is beyond his control. The two brothers, who are also closest friends with one another, build a very tight and caring bond in the first episode. The two of them played a game of rock-paper-scissors to pick who would seat near the window on the plane, which will go on to become a bitter memory for Edward in Episode 2 and beyond. Edward triumphed, and as a result, he lived.

Why is Jordan important?

Maxwell Jenkins, a young actor who has recently made appearances in a number of shows and motion pictures, plays Jordan.

He played a recurring role on Sense8 and was a member of the main cast of Lost in Space. He received three nominations for Saturn Awards for his work in that series.

Prior to the accident, Jordan was the most significant person in Edward’s life. He was meant to be his rock, the one constant after relocating to the West Coast, despite all the ongoing changes because he was the one who understood him the best. Perhaps more than anything else, Jordan’s passing signifies for Edward that he must accept the fact that his older brother is no longer by his side in order to move on and accept that his life will never be the same.

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That transition starts in the second episode when Edward goes to his neighbor’s house and asks to sleep next to her new friend Shay, who he hopes will fill the void left by Jordan for him. In fact, in order to finally fall asleep, he asks her to perform that role for him in the closing moments by wishing him “good night, dumb” as Jordan used to.

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