Will the Fourth Season of The Apple Original Horror Series Servant Conclude in Style?


Will the Apple Original horror series The postServant’s fourth season end in style? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

There are no notable spoilers in our review of Servant Season 4 on Apple TV+.

Fans have found it difficult to leave the property themselves over the years, just as the Turner family’s residents have been fascinated on the eerie yet lovely Brownstone building they live in, rarely leaving the warmth and constraints of its seductive walls. Since it has teased devoted viewers for four years running, this addicting yet frustrating Apple Original series has generated a tonne of discussion and internet speculations, which adds to the bittersweetness of the fourth and final season of SERVANT.

Can executive producer M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense), writer Tony Basgallop, and the creative team accomplish the seemingly unachievable and successfully wrap up “Servant”? It is difficult to judge this given that the critics have only seen the first three episodes of the fourth season, but things are off to a good start.

Servant Season 4 Review and Plot Summary

The terrible loss of their thirteen-week-old son Jericho caused the Turner family a lot of pain throughout the years. They decided in a fit of insanity to employ a reborn doll to counteract the mother Dorothy’s psychotic breakdown, and they allowed this delusion to continue by hiring a peculiar nanny to take care of the supposed doll. Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free), Dorothy’s new nanny, replaced the doll with a real infant and brought her strange, (perhaps supernatural) inclinations to the home. She also infected Dorothy’s friends and family with her deadly background and demented views.

The third season ended with Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) trying to flee the house in the middle of the night with her infant, but Leanne discovered them and called the others. When Dorothy was almost upset and the group tried to convince her to stay, she tumbled backward down the stairwell. Jericho was able to be saved by Leanne at the last second, but Dorothy was lost. After a difficult stay in the hospital to heal from her spinal injuries, Dorothy returns home in season four. She immediately assigns blame for the mishap to Leanne, reigniting their old animosity in classic fashion.

However, Leanne also has to contend with her previous cult, the Church of Lesser Saints, making aggressive advances on her. She keeps building up an army of supporters to help her fight those dangerous cult members. The fight creates an ominous atmosphere and gives the horror filmmakers an opportunity to show off their skills. Servants is filled to the brim with creative camera work and seductive tension. All parties involved, especially in the camera work and specific narrative decisions, are affected by M. Night Shyamalan‘s admiration for Alfred Hitchcock, creating an exciting opening.

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Is Servant Season 4 Good?

You won’t need persuasion to watch the fourth and final season of Server if you’ve already watched the first three installments. Fans, however, will be curious to see if the final season lives up to expectations and comes to a satisfying conclusion. In addition, there are still a lot of unsolved issues. Will Dorothy recall the upsetting incident she has been denying for so long? Where exactly did the substitute infant come from? And does Leanne possess otherworldly abilities? This may be a grand finale if the showrunners can satisfactorily respond to these queries.

The fourth season, as I mentioned, is off to a fantastic start. This is a beautifully made movie with an intriguing main plot. Rupert Grint, a Harry Potter graduate, excels as Julian, Dorothy’s alcoholic brother. He could be the comic relief, but he also has a compelling personal redemption narrative. While the show enthusiastically embraces its most absurd plot lines, the camera work is creative and stylish. I don’t think the show’s first episodes will disappoint viewers, but it’s still unclear how the finale will turn out and whether or not it will provide a satisfying resolution.

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Will the Apple Original horror series The postServant’s fourth season end in style?

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