What Is the Current Whereabouts of Celine Edmondson from Dance 100?


Eight gifted choreographers compete in the Netflix competition Dance 100 for the chance to win $100,000. The judges for this competition, however, aren’t your normal panel; rather, they are the ever-growing number of dancers for whom the choreographers must choose music, with the finalists needing to direct 100 of the best dancers in the world. Ally Love, a well-known Peloton instructor, is the event’s host.

One of the choreographers, Celine Edmondson, has connected with viewers, especially considering how hard she has worked to differentiate herself from her rivals. Fans are curious about her, including who she is and what she is doing now, even if she didn’t win.

Who is Celine Edmondson?

Who Is Celine Edmondson In 'Dance 100'? Everything You Need To Know About  The Dance 100 Semi-Finalist

Celine Edmondson is a well-known Dance 100 choreographer, although she has accomplished much more outside of the program than what is shown there. 28 years old, Celine Edmondson was born on June 12, 1994. She is from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and started dancing at an early age. With time, her love of dancing blossomed into a profession. She attended the University of the Arts, where she received her BA in dance.

In 2015, Celine joined the Brooklynettes, the official dance squad for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, after signing with the Clear Talent Group in New York. She is the team’s performer and choreographer, and she advanced to the position of co-captain. She has performed her choreography at prestigious events including the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend and the 2019 Global Games in China.

Celine has played not just with the Brooklynettes but also with Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, and other musicians. She just signed on as a brand ambassador for Black Pyramid, and Maluma and she shared the stage at the 2020 VMAs. She is a skilled dancer and choreographer with a promising future, as is evident from this.

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How Did Celine Edmondson do in Dance 100?

Netflix's Dance 100: What does the winner get? | The US Sun

Celine made an impression on the judges and audience even though she ultimately lost the competition after being eliminated in the penultimate round. She entered the competition wanting to distinguish herself from the other seven contestants, and she breezed through the first two rounds.

She had a little trouble in the third round because she was one of the two competitors who received the fewest votes. Because of this, she was forced into a dance-off with rival contestant Janick Arseneau, which Celine won.

During the semi-final, she had to do two routines with 25 dancers, but ultimately the judges thought that she could have elevated them further, ending her time in the competition.

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Where Is Celine Edmondson Now?

Celine still has a distinguished future ahead of her despite not being the Dance 100 champion. At Steps Broadway Conservatory, a dance program in New York for young adults aged 17 to 24, she is currently a teacher.

She is listed as working on film and television projects on her biography on their website. She s also affiliated with the BLOC, a talent agency that represents choreographers for several things, but film and TV, which shows that she s eager to do more work on-screen.

Is Celine Edmondson on Instagram and TikTok?

You can follow Celine Edmondson on Instagram at @ ohitsboom. She has 128 posts, largely of herself dancing, and 17.6k followers as of this writing. She also has a TikTok account named ohitsboom, although as of this writing, it only has 1805 followers. Her YouTube channel has 5741 followers, and she mainly shares random videos without a clear theme.

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