Who is cast in the K-Drama Divorce Attorney Shin?

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The Divorce Attorney Shin K-Drama has a cast of who? We break down the main roles and other parts the stars have played in the upcoming Netflix Korean drama.

K-Drama devotees are anticipating the debut of the new programme, divorce attorney Shin. The Korean Drama can be seen on Netflix and is based on a webtoon by Kang Tae-kyung. The story follows DA Shin’s life, his personal life, and the cases he gets involved in, as the title of the book suggests. This enlightening article will examine the cast of the upcoming Korean drama, Divorce Attorney Shin, which will start streaming on March 4th, 2023.

What Is the Plot for Divorce Attorney Shin?

The drama focuses on Shin Sung-struggles han’s as he decides to pursue law after years of training as a classical pianist. Shin, a lawyer who specialises in divorce cases, works with two close friends who support him when his job starts to make him crazy. Shin runs into all kinds of people while practicing law.

Who Is Cast in Divorce Attorney Shin?

  • Cho Seung-woo plays Shin Sung-han
  • Han Hye-jin plays Lee Seo-jin
  • Jung Moon-sung plays Jo Jeong-sik
  • Kim Sung-kyun plays Jang Hyeong-geun
  • Kang Mal-geum plays Kim So-yeon
  • Jeon Bae-soo plays Park Yu-seok
  • Han Eun-seong plays Choi Jun
  • Yoo Joo-hye plays Bang Ho-yong
  • Kim Tae-hyang plays Seo Jeong-guk
  • Noh Susanna plays Jin Young-joo
  • Cha Hwa-yeon plays Ma Geum-hee

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What Else Has Cho Seung-Woo Appeared In?

Fans of the k-drama subgenre may recognise South Korean actor and musician Cho Seung-woo from a few other works. He received praise from critics and a few accolades for his performance as a young autistic runner in the 2005 movie Marathon.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Jekyll and Hyde both benefited from his musical training.

He then starred in the unsuccessful 2006 film Love Phobia alongside his girlfriend, but he made up for it by starring in the hugely successful The High Rollers the following year.

Go Go 70s and the romantic drama The Sword With No Name followed, both of which were movies with a musical theme.

Seung-woo would next have to complete his required military service but would soon return to musicals and cinema. He would make an appearance in the baseball-themed movie Perfect Game from 2011 before getting a role in the historical drama The King’s Doctor for his debut TV series in 2012.

He would go on to portray the lead in the time-travel thriller God’s Gift- 14 Days in 2014, and in the 2015 movie Inside Men, he played a prosecutor who unearths wrongdoing.

What Has Han Hye-Jin Appeared In?

Another well-liked series, Stranger in 2017, garnered him even more attention and a second Oscar; the show would continue in 2020 as a result of its success.

Han Hye-jin, a South Korean actress, has a lengthy and steady history working in many TV shows. The well-known star has played numerous parts since 2002. The series Friends, Romance, I Love You Hyun-Jung, and Inspector Park Mun-su all included early appearances from 2002.

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Hye-jin would continue to be busy, making an appearance in 2003’s 1% of SomethingandDramaCity Sweet 18.

The television programmes New Human Market and The Age of Heroes would arrive in 2004.

Where has Jung Moon-sung appeared in?

In 2005, there was

Be tenacious, Geum-Soon!

Jumong from 2006 came next.

The TV shows would keep arriving, starting with Terroir in 2008 and Jejung Won in 2010.

A role in The Thorn Birds appeared in 2011, while Syndrome appeared the following year.

Before 2016’s The Doctors, the project One Warm Word was launched in 2013.

Hye-jin was cast in Hold Me Tight in 2018 and debuted in Moms in 2020.

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