Who is Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match? Explained


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Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match: Who is he? We talk about another well-liked contestant as the Dating Show Universe on Netflix continues to grow.

Stars from various reality TV programmes on Netflix, including Too Hot To Handle, Love is Blind, and others, came together for the reality dating series Perfect Match. Ten singles searching for their “Perfect Mate” are followed in the reality series.

Every night, there is a possibility for each participant to match with someone. The show does, however, throw some curveballs at the contestants as the winner gets to travel to the board room to bring in new individuals and cause havoc in existing partnerships. Dom Gabriel is one of the reality show’s brightest stars. All of Dom’s details, including his social media handles, are provided below.

Who Is Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match on Netflix?

Canadian Toronto is where Dom Gabriel comes from. He was rumoured to have been a heavy equipment operator on The Mole. Yet it appears that his musical career has already taken off thanks to the fame from the reality show.

Along with his producer Keegan Grebanier, he founded the band D NTCALL. The group has put out a number of tracks, such as “Truth or Dare,” “Glossier Lips,” and his most recent single, “Xoxo,” which was published on February 15, 2023.

Is Dom Gabriel from The Mole?

Yeah, Dom Gabriel was introduced to the world in the original series’ revival, which found a new home on Netflix. Because of Dom’s honesty and desire to win the game so he could give some of the winnings to his mother, everyone grew to adore him.

Yet, his time on the show wasn’t very lengthy; he was fired in episode 4.

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What Are Dom Gabriel’s Age and Birthday?

Strangely enough, the only information we could uncover on Dom’s age was that he was 29 on The Mole in 2022. As a result, he would either be 30 or almost 30 this year.

What Other Shows Has Dom Gabriel Been On?

Dom made an appearance in the short movie “The Hunter’s Head,” according to his IMDb page.

Is Dom Gabriel on TikTok and Instagram?

In terms of other television programmes, he took part in the reality series The Mole in addition to Perfect Match.

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