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Is Agent Elvis Suitable for Children?

Mike Arnold, the brain behind Archer, produced the Netflix series Agent Elvis. On March 17th, the program began streaming on the platform. Many parents may wonder whether the show is appropriate for children and whether parental controls

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

We provide a spoiler-filled recap of Sex/Life Season 2 Episode 5, "Future Starts Today," from Netflix. We were all aware that it would get to this point given how devastating divorce is. Billi (Sarah Shahi) and Cooper (Mike Vogel)…

Will There Be a Sequel to The Strays?

This article speculates on the possibility of a The Strays 2 and contains spoilers for the 2023 Netflix film. A lady is forced to confront her history in Nathaniel Martello-directorial White's debut, which debuted on Netflix on February…