13 Going on Thirty Christa B. Allen and The Game’s Flirtatious Tik Toks Spark Romance Rumors


In response to rumors that he and actress Christa B. Allen were seeing each other, The Game has spoken out. To put an end to the speculation, the “13 Going on 30” star’s ex-boyfriend from Compton has come clean about their romantic status.

A post on Christa’s social media page is what started the rumors of a relationship. A video of Jennifer Garner’s younger self cuddling up to the rapper was posted to her TikTok account late on July 4th. The actress is best known for her roles in 2004’s “13 Going on 30” and 2009’s “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.”

Toward the Beginning of The Video, Christa Was Wistful About the End of A Relationship.

Toward the beginning of the video, Christa was wistful about the end of her relationship. “What’s going on with all of you? I’ve had enough, and I’m ready to give up “She uttered the words while lying on her back and looking exhausted. However, she wrote “When you just broke up but…” over the video.

'13 Going on 30' Star Christa B. Allen and The Game Spark Romance Rumors With Flirty TikTok

The video then showed her with The Game, who placed a kiss on her lips from behind and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. It wasn’t until then that he made an amused face and poked his tongue out in the air.

In the Video Christa only Tagged the Game in The Captions.

As the only caption Christa provided was a mention of “The Game,” viewers were taken aback by their apparent closeness. “Really?” No, it’s not. I don’t know why, but I’m surprised “On Instagram, the video was retweeted by one user. One of the others said, “I wasn’t expecting this,” echoing the sentiment.

a third person chimed in, “Who cares if this is a crossover special or not. Lol.” ‘I’m lost,’ wrote another disbelieving fan. “This is random af,” said one user, “Lol this is so messy.” Another said, “This is so random.”

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A Video of The Game and Christa B. Allen Kissing Fueled Speculation that They Were Dating.

A video of the Game and Christa B. Allen kissing fueled speculation that they were dating.
Rumors that The Game and Lil Wayne were dating have been debunked. “Friends” is how the 42-year-old actor described his relationship with the 30-year-old actress in the Shade Room comment section. “We’re pals, there’s nothing to see here.”

'13 Going on 30' Star Christa B. Allen and The Game Spark Romance Rumors With Flirty TikTok

When Christa attended a Fourth of July party hosted by The Game on Monday, it appears that the video was filmed for a laugh. This year’s Fourth of July festivities were chronicled by the “Hate It or Love It” singer via his Instagram Stories and the actress documented her own by posting a photo of her and two female friends from the party.

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