According to Nick Cannon Having Three Children, This Year Is ‘Safe to Bet’: The Stork Is on Its Way

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In terms of how many children Nick Cannon plans to have this year, he has set the over/under at three.

After appearing on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast and stating that “the stork is on the way,” Nischelle Turner, 41, from Baha Mar Sanctuary in the Bahamas, shared more information while co-hosting ET with her. Turning to the stork, Turner asked him how many babies he could expect.

Cannon quipped, “That would rob you of all of the fun if I just gave you a number right now…. Turner was unfazed, and he continued to press Cannon, bringing up Bre Tiesi’s pregnancy as a way to commemorate her eighth child.

“You have my full attention now, sir. What else do you have to offer?

How did Cannon respond?

Afterward, Turner brought up Abby De La Rosa, who is pregnant but has yet to identify the father of one of his pairs of twins. Turner, on the other hand, wondered what the odds were if she placed the over/under at three. Cannon appeared at ease when performing that song.

According to Nick Cannon Having Three Children, This Year Is 'Safe to Bet': The Stork Is on Its Way

When he spoke, he said, “You’d be near.” There’s a good chance we’ll have three more kids in 2022, if not sooner. A total of four women have given birth to seven offspring for Cannon: Monroe and Moroccan, 11 years old; Golden “Sagon,” 5; Powerful Queen, 1; Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, 1-year-old; Zen, who died in December at 5 months old; and Brittany Bell.

In addition to his new music video for “Eyes Closed,” which he will premiere on ET from the Bahamas on Friday, the rapper/comedian is currently expecting his eighth kid with Tiesi.

The model opened up to ET about her feelings for Cannon’s other children in a recent interview

Asked how often Cannon sees his children, she said, “We can all go via the assistant to make sure it’s on the calendar if there’s anything urgent.”

Media reports made it appear that Cannon’s children were only able to speak to him through an assistant, but this isn’t the case. One headline read, “Bre Tiesi Reveals Nick Cannon’s Baby Mamas Schedule Time with Him Through An Assistant.” Another story said, “Bre Tiesi Said Nick Cannon’s Assistant Helps Manage Time With His Children.”

No one is required to speak to Tiesi’s assistant in order to reach Cannon, as Tiesi had claimed

“My children have more demanding schedules than I do,” Cannon said. “They each have their sensory class at 9 a.m. and then they have, you know, ballet at 3 and baseball at 4, so they’re the ones with the schedule.”

With so many individuals engaged, it’s important to be organized since “of course, we all do have things going on throughout the day,” Cannon said. “It doesn’t matter where I show up, but I have to double-check that ‘Okay, such and such has a 9 aa.m. Ballet started at 3 p.m., so I had to be there early. “I had to be at the baseball game by 4.” We were discussing that schedule, so no one needs to call my assistant to reach me.”

To begin, Cannon joked about owning a time machine to be present for all of his children’s lives and events before taking a more serious tone.

Even while it may seem challenging, “I understand [their fear] since it’s a pretty unconventional environment,” Cannon said. “It’s likely that I spend most of the day with my kids. Fortunately, I live in a time and place where I can take advantage of this chance. My world and company style allows me to spend more time with my children on a daily basis.”

“I get up, I am taking them to school, sensory class, whereas everyone else presumably has a 9-5 [work] and they have other things to do,” he said. In other words, because I am self-employed, I bring my kids to work with me. They’re going to the zoo this week as you can see.”

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