After Declining Grayston Leonard’s First Proposal, “Bachelor” Alum Bekah Martinez is “Ready” for Engagement

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The actress of The Bachelor Nation recently disclosed that her partner Grayston Leonard first proposed to her three years ago, following the birth of their first child.

Bekah Martinez is prepared to make a significant leap

The former Bachelor competitor said she was “wondering” how her boyfriend Grayston Leonard was “going to propose” in a recent TikTok video, but she quickly added, “Remembering he had proposed to me three years ago and I said no but still took pictures.”

Fans of Martinez were shocked to learn this information, which was revealed along with images of Leonard’s failed engagement attempt. In response to a follower’s request for a “story time,” Bekah Martinez‘s fans provided a “more complete explanation” about what transpired.

“After dating for just three months in 2018, my boyfriend and I became pregnant. So we didn’t really know each other. The entire pregnancy was quite challenging and not enjoyable. In another TikTok post, she stated, “We were both pretty angry at one other for a variety of reasons.

After declining Grayston Leonard's first proposal, "Bachelor" alum Bekah Martinez is "Ready" for engagement

“On February 2, 2019, our daughter Ruth was born. A lot of the tension, worry, and resentment we had been feeling throughout the pregnancy kind of vanished the moment she was delivered. And I thought that this was the first opportunity we’ve had to truly fall in love.

“But then, the day after Valentine’s Day, only two weeks later, he proposed. And I thought, “This is really sweet, but now really isn’t the moment.” I remain extremely hormonal. I am currently in the postpartum stage. Additionally, our relationship wasn’t in the healthiest of places. There was a lot we needed to sort through and talk through.

Martinez added that she didn’t want to be married “because we had a baby” either

“I wanted it to be something unique, something we both wanted to commit to doing, just the two of us. Not involving our children at all,” she stated. We now have two children together, as you may know. I feel prepared to say yes now that we have worked through a lot in couple’s therapy. We shall thus wait and see. A proposal is something I do anticipate happening soon.

Martinez claimed in a third TikTok

Her boyfriend had been “cool” with her turning down his proposal at the time. Bekah Martinez and Grayston Leonard have a 3-year-old daughter named Ruth Ray De La Luz and a 2-year-old boy named Franklin James after they started dating in 2018. Although the couple has openly discussed starting an open relationship, they have also talked openly about their desire to get married one day.

She admitted on Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast last year that she wanted to be married but wasn’t sure if she wanted to have sex with him for the rest of her life. We have discussed having a potentially open relationship in the future.

Leonard was reported “potentially open,” according to Martinez, to such a plan. She remarked, “He’s not that envious,” and she added that they always intended to stay faithful to one another. We are a couple with two children, and we adore one another.

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