Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Released a Heartfelt Video in Which They Thanked One Other, After the Birth of Their Second Child

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When Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomed their first child, they began to reminisce on their love story. On July 14th, People officially announced the birth of the couple’s second child, and Jonas shared a montage of the couple’s relationship on Instagram the following day to mark the occasion.

DNCE’s “Got Me Good,” Jonas said in the video’s title. “Started at the bottom now we’re here.” He also shared footage of the pair eating dinner together and cuddling in bed, as well as photos from the wedding and the pregnant bride’s preparations. While the lyrics to “I guess I pay for falling so hard for you in less than 24 hours” are adorable, they actually reflect the couple’s relationship quite well.

“The first night I met him,” Turner recalled to Jimmy Fallon in May. Turner said she “wept” to her brother about her feelings for Jonas after he left Turner’s apartment following a night out with a group of people. (She did admit that drinking was a factor, and she said as much.)

Fans Were Also Encouraged to Add Their Own Love Memories in The Accompanying Caption to Jonas’ Sweet Video Tribute.

Fans were encouraged to post their own love tales matched to the upbeat tune in the caption of Jonas’ touching video tribute, which he then reposted on his Instagram story. On Twitter, one couple even revealed how they met because of their shared love of the Jonas Brothers.

Joe Jonas Celebrated Sophie Turner In A Sweet Video After Their 2nd Baby Arrived

For the first time since Stranger Things TikTok went viral on July 8, DNCE’s vocalist announced that “Got Me Good” would be released that day. When Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) tells Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke): “This is music!!” while choosing a song to rescue Nancy from the Upside Down during Season 4, Jonas confirmed the arrival of the new track.

Jonas and Turner have a large family, including a daughter named Willa.

While the pair prefers to keep their personal lives private, they have occasionally opened up about their growing family in their own unique way, such as when they welcomed their second child (a boy due in 2020).

Turner explained to Elle UK in May that “raising the next generation” was the most important thing in her life. “The greatest joy in my life is watching my daughter’s progress. We can hardly contain our joy at the prospect of increasing our brood. I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Before “you Oughta Know,” Dave Coulier Had Never Heard Alanis Morissette Sing “you Oughta Know.”

Back in 1995, when Dave Coulier first heard Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” he had no idea it was about him. Coulier recalls hearing the unflattering song while traveling through Detroit on the 12th of July, on an edition of SiriusXM Faction Talk with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts. “Wow, this is a pretty nice hook,” I exclaimed. Then the voice starts coming through. “Wow, this girl has a voice.” “And I had no notion, you know, that this was the record,” the Full House alum remembered. “And then I heard the lyrics, ‘Ooh, oh no!’ ” This dude is beyond me.

Joe Jonas Celebrated Sophie Turner In A Sweet Video After Their 2nd Baby Arrived

After buying the Jagged Little Pill CD from a local record store, Coulier drove about listening to the entire album, including the song on which the singer reminds an abusive ex of the “mess [he] left” when he “ran away.”

The Last Time I Was at Home, I Was Doing Laundry and Separating the Clothes.

Britney Spears didn’t just whistle as she worked; she performed “…Baby One More Time” as no one had ever heard it before for her adoring fanbase. Acapella’s version of her 1998 debut single was recently performed by a Grammy winner as she was “doing laundry and sorting clothing” at home. She captioned the July 15 Instagram videos, in part, “I haven’t shared my voice in an extremely long time… maybe too long.

Spears “wanted” to rework her most famous song for 14 years, but her conservatorship team opposed the idea when she was under it.

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