Alleged Rape: Araiza Alibi Was Not There At The Time Of The Commission

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Matt Araiza, A Former Buffalo Bills Punter Was Accused Of Participating In A Gang Rape With A Minor Last October 2021. But Investigation And Taken Videos Shows That Araiza Was Not Present During The Commission Of The Crime.


matt araiza
Alleged Rape: Araiza Alibi Was Not There At The Time Of The Commission (Photo: Buffalo News)


Araiza Acquitted from Rape Charges

A witness claims that Matt Araiza was not in the group who gang raped a minor last October 2021 in a party in San Diego. In the videos’ presented Araiza was never seen among the group nor he ever was present in the said event. District Attorney did not accuse Araiza of participating nor committing the act.

Araiza left an hour early before the said gang rape happened. and even some witnesses said he was never in the party at all. Trisha Amador, San Diego deputy district attorney, explained to the victim’s side why Araiza was not charged. That several witnesses testified and the video itself shows that Araiza did not really participate.

The investigation ended last August 2022 after nine long months of investigation. Amador enumerated the facts that exonerated Araiza in the lawsuit filed by the woman.


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