Andy Cohen Explains His Remarks Regarding Rhoslc Star Jen Shah’s Plea of Guilty

Andy Cohen is explaining that he’s “upset,” especially for Jen Shah’s alleged victims, after admitting he didn’t “know how to feel” about her plea deal on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City actress had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing on July 11, and the Bravo producer heard about it while he was live on-air as part of his Sirius XM show Radio Andy. And while Andy commented about a crucial development in Jen’s year-long court battle at the time—mostly to convey his conflicting feelings—he is now apologizing for having spoken too soon.

On His Radio Show’s July 13th Broadcast, Andy Said. I Truly Wasn’t Able to Respond in Time.

On his radio show on July 13, Andy claimed, “I did not have time to read anything about it or comprehend it. I truly wasn’t able to respond in time.
It was only natural that Andy would be upset after finally being able to process “what I thought was a rather spectacular confession.” “For her victims, I’m very angry. Regarding the RHOSLC season two reunion, where Jen “was so dogmatic, I’m angry that she lied for so long and claimed to me that she was an example of someone being wrongfully accused,” he remarked “about her purity.

Andy Cohen Clarifies His Comments on RHOSLC Star Jen Shah's Guilty Plea

Since you get to know someone and like them, Andy said, “I’m also angry about it. You want to support them while also finding it repugnant that they are capable of such actions.

Given that He and Jen Experienced That,

Andy said that since that was the situation with him and Jen, he hopes “to get the chance to speak with her and to ask those things.”
Then, a caller to Radio Andy called to discuss the situation, pointing out that Jen, not just “dupe” Andy—or more crucially, the victims of the suspected telemarketing scheme—but also the viewers of RHOSLC. The caller mentioned that even Jen’s co-star Meredith Marks, who had expressed grave concerns about Jen’s innocence on the show, eventually changed her mind, citing the fact that she had tweeted what appeared to be a defense of Jen the day before the hearing on July 11 where she was accused. “Yes,” Andy answered.

Andy Cohen Clarifies His Comments on RHOSLC Star Jen Shah's Guilty Plea

He then thanked the caller and said, “There you go.” “But I’ll say it again because I’ve said it before. Reality TV may not be the place to go if you have something to conceal. Am I accurate?”

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For Her Part, Jen Might Spend as Much as $9.5 Million in Penalties and Reparations in Addition to A Maximum Sentence of 30 Years in Jail.

For her part, Jen could spend as much as 30 years in jail and face fines and restitution of up to $9.5 million, as well as a $6 million forfeiture.

Andy Cohen Clarifies His Comments on RHOSLC Star Jen Shah's Guilty Plea

Her lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, provided E! News with a statement after she changed her plea. Ms. Shah is a decent woman who erred, Chaudry added. “She sincerely apologizes to everyone she has hurt and accepts full responsibility for her actions. Ms. Shah also regrets disappointing her spouse, kids, relatives, friends, and backers. Jen entered a guilty plea in order to make good on her responsibility to society and put her family’s experience behind her.”

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