Alina Explains Why She Joined the Show After Caleb Said He Wouldn’t Date a Short Woman!


Like no other pair in the series, Caleb from Arizona and Alina from Russia have a unique narrative about how they met as teenagers on Facebook. Thirteen years later, when Caleb planned to travel to Russia, the two of them reconnected through a dating app. Alina’s desire to learn more about Caleb led her to change their destination from original Turkey to that country when her original plan fell through.

But it seems that the fact that Alina is the first person of diminutive stature in the franchise has made their relationship unique. Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kozhevnikova were not invited since their narrative had been cut from the show by TLC due to Alina’s racist social media remarks.

How Caleb and Aliana First Met

are caleb and alina still together

After talking on the internet for over a decade, Caleb and Alina finally met in person in Turkey this fall. The two made online contact for the first time when they were 15 years old but then lost touch for the next 13 years.

Then, miraculously, they found each other on a Tinder app and their affections for one another were rekindled. While it’s undeniable that they developed a strong bond and shared experiences throughout the journey, the end of the trip also brought about a distinct lack of chemistry.

Before Alina returned to her home in Russia and he returned to his home in Arizona, she wanted to know where their relationship stood. Caleb insisted that he just needed some more time, but Alina wasn’t buying it anymore.

“I feel like I’ve been really patient with Caleb so far,” she said to the cameras. “This phrase, “I need more time, not too quickly,” has always been spoken to me with respect. This excuse, however, is no longer valid.”

In spite of the fact that they were only going to be in Turkey for two more days, Caleb still couldn’t bring himself to tell Alina that he was dating her. Caleb expressed displeasure at being pressed on the issue of exclusivity.

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Caleb Dated Another High-Profile Franchise Couple After His Breakup with Alina.

All but one couple from Season 5 of Before the 90 Days appeared in the first portion of the show’s tell-all special, which debuted not too long ago.

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kozhevnikova were not invited since their narrative had been cut from the show by TLC due to Alina’s racist social media remarks.

After missing the big announcement, Caleb updated his social media followers on his travels and disclosed that he’s been spending time with yet another famous franchise pair.

Essentially, he didn’t realize how much attention Alina’s version of dwarfism would take and felt the need, to be honest about the fact that he didn’t feel up to the challenge. That was a moment of maturity for Caleb, and grown-up behavior is uncommon in the series.

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Specifically, What Do Caleb and Alina Do for A Living?

are caleb and alina still together

From Saint Petersburg, Russia, Alina, age 27, is the newest member of the 90 Day Fiancé singing cast under the stage name Babydoller. Caleb, meantime, is a 28-year-old ex-technician with an interest in bodybuilding competitions.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Caleb has been working in various creative roles at several marketing firms since May 2012.

He has worked for a company in Texas called Branding for the People, and he describes himself as a nomadic worker who does some of his jobs from home.

He also has a BA in Philosophy from Northern Arizona University, and his page says he studied video studies at Scottsdale Community College.

Alternatively, Alina works as a video editor and is a singer in her spare time. The name of her band is an acronym for “Beautiful, Fabulous, and Fierce,” which is how she likes to be described. On 90 Day Fiancé, she had a song play.

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Caleb from Arizona and Alina from Russia met on Facebook like no other couple in the series. Thirteen years later, Caleb reconnected with her on a dating app. After chatting online for over a decade, Caleb and Alina met in Turkey. They met on social media when they were 15 and lost touch for 13 years. Then, a dating app match revived their love. Alina was dismissed by TLC for her racist social media posts. TLC broke ties with Alina due to her harsh posts mocking races and beliefs.

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