Are Hudson McLeroy and Ariana Biermann reuniting? Look for Signs She’s Back With H.I.S. Boyfriend


Ariana Biermann is dating? On Sunday, July 3, Ariana posted a picture of herself kissing an unidentified man on Instagram with the description, “Glimpse of us,” describing how the two had been spotted at a concert while hiding in the shadows. The Don’t Be Tardy actress didn’t mention her new love, but according to her followers, Hudson McLeroy is back.

Hudson McLeroy and Ariana Biermann first started dating when?

In her senior year of high school,Ariana, now 20, dated Hudson. When she turned 17 on October 17, 2018, she posted an Instagram Stories video of him bringing her flowers, adding, “Thanks for the best birthday boyfriend,” over the Story. The couple went together to the homecoming dance a few days ago.

Mama Ariana Hudson Has the Approval of Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The mother of the Bravo actress is undeniably pleased with the mysterious man who is currently dating her daughter. Get the heck home, Kim Zolciak-Biermann urged in the caption of the most recent kissing image. You guys are missed.

Are Hudson McLeroy and Ariana Biermann reuniting? Look for Signs She's Back With H.I.S. Boyfriend

Kim raved over a photo of Ariana and Hudson McLeroy’s homecoming in 2018 while they were still dating, saying in the comments, “Where does the time go?? Hudson McLeroy and my angel @arianabiermann will attend Homecoming, and are they not the cutest!?! They will both turn 17 this week, and their birthdays are only a few hours apart!

Ariana and Hudson Could Reunite, and Friends and Fans Seem Excited About It

Many of Ariana’s friends and admirers were overjoyed that the two may have reunited underneath the new kissing picture, and some even publicly identified Hudson as the man in the background with whom she was cuddling.

Ariana Biermann close friend Austin commented in the comments, “Screaming,” and added, “ABOUT DAMN TIME,” to which the reality star reacted by grinning. My mouth dropped, a friend Ethan Zev commented. Ariana said, “As it should,” in response. Another buddy said, “I love you guys together,” and Ariana reacted, “tyyy baby,” rekindling their romance. The finest pair, according to other friends and followers, and “Sooooo thrilled for YOU.”

What became of Ariana and Aaron Scott’s relationship?

Aaron Scott, whom Ariana started dating in 2020, was her last acknowledged boyfriend. In the summer of that year, the pair announced their Instagram status. While the two maintained a largely secretive romance, Ariana and the handsome model were still together as of March 7, 2021, when she posted a photo of them hugging and kissing on the beach.

She tagged the images with the message, “Photo dump of me and my best friend.” In response to Aaron’s reply, “I love you so f—king much,” Ariana commented, “I love you most.”

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