Ashley Hinshaw and Topher Grace Are Anticipating Their Third Child Simultaneously

It will be Topher Grace and Ashley Hinshaw’s third child together. The ‘That 70s Show star and his wife are expecting their second child in 2020 to join their four-year-old daughter Mabel Jane.

Topher mentioned this to Kelly Clarkson during an interview on her talk show “All of us here can hardly contain our enthusiasm. To my lovely and outstanding wife, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly express my admiration on national television.

“When it’s your first child, everyone is overjoyed and wishes you the best of luck. It’s all “Congratulations” on the second one, and then there’s a question mark at the end for the third one.”

This Is What Kelly Had to Say

“That is fascinating and interesting though. It’s awesome that your family is growing! “Topher joked, “well, check back with me in about a year.”

Topher and Ashley, both in their 30s at the time, got married in 2016. In 2018, they shared the news that they had secretly welcomed their second child amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

When asked about having a child while in quarantine, Topher said, “Then there was a lot of changing diapers.”

On his ABC show “Home Economics,” where he was caring for infants aged nine months and under, he also discussed going back to work after having a child.

ashley hinshaw and topher grace are anticipating their third child simultaneously

As he put it: “I have to leave my baby at home every day to care for two infants at the office. It was quite humorous in the script, and now that I’ve seen the film, I agree that it’s also very funny in action. It’s tough when I have to act with two babies who are only nine months old.

“I had to hold a baby once for ‘That ’70s Show,’ and I think I was treating it like it was, like, poisonous waste or something. It was a real concern of mine that either the baby or I would be harmed. It was something I was completely unprepared to deal with. In any case, I’m feeling a lot better now. Though my wife will tell you otherwise, I seem to be more effective than she is at calming these youngsters.”

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