Ben Affleck Married Jennifer Lopez Wearing This Exact Nail Polish


Jennifer Lopez announced her marriage to Ben Affleck on July 16 in an “On the JLO” newsletter with the happy message, “We did it!”

Moreover, in true Jennifer style, she wore a bridal ensemble that was both classic and unique. She chose to don two bridal gowns to commemorate the momentous occasion. On the cosmetics front, the nude lip and bronze smokey eye she was wearing went perfectly with her beachy, blow-out waves.

Nails in A Grayish-Nude Shade Completed the Star’s Wedding-Day Getup

A nude-like grey nail tint that complemented her sparkling silver wedding band completed the star’s wedding day ensemble.. however

For Jennifer Lopez‘s oval-shaped nails, Tom Bachik utilized the Bio Seaweed Gel lacquer in the color Are You Shore, which he shared with the world via his Instagram account. This is the perfect color and name for JLo to get married in.

Jennifer Lopez Married Ben Affleck Wearing This Exact Nail Polish

His final words: “I don’t believe in overpowering the look; I believe in complimenting it”. As a result, “It was less Vegas and more about being eternal.”

Jennifer Acted Like They Had Known One Other for A Long Time.

According to the hairstylist, he was “proud” to be a part of the momentous day, adding that he and Jennifer acted like “two kids getting dressed and playing dress up.”
Despite their 2004 breakup, the Hustlers actress, who was engaged to Ben in the early aughts, waxed lyrical about their nuptials in her newsletter.

“The beauty of love is indescribable. Kindness is a characteristic of love. Love, as it turns out, is a patient soul. Twenty years of patience, “Jennifer wrote on July 17th. “This was just what we wanted. In line with four other couples, we went to Vegas last night and got our marriage licenses in the same place at the same time.”

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According to A Source Close to Jennifer, the Same Comments Have Been Expressed by E! News.

According to a close friend of Jennifer’s who spoke exclusively to E! News, “It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. They’re planning a larger, more formal ceremony, but they wanted to share this special occasion with their immediate family first.”

Jennifer Lopez Married Ben Affleck Wearing This Exact Nail Polish

In the words of the source, “Ben Affleck and Jen exchanged rings and vows, but it was a normal fun Vegas wedding.” ceremony. “They were enthralled. Everything about it was spectacular, and there was nothing over the top about it.”

In the words of the insider, Jennifer is “ecstatic that she is finally Mrs. Affleck” and “Ben and Jen are utterly enamored with each other and fully believe it was meant to be.”

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