Cameron Diaz, 49, and Benji Madden Are Still Hoping for A Second Child: They’d ‘Love a Boy’

It appears that Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are thinking about having children. The pair is “looking into” alternatives for growing their three-person family, according to a source for Us Weekly. Radix, a baby girl who was born to Diaz and Madden through surrogacy in 2019, was their first child.

Cameron and Benji have talked about having more children and have even been researching surrogate options for some time, the source told the media site. Cameron did not require persuasion following the birth of their daughter because Benji had always desired a large family.

According to reports

The couple is hoping for a son if they decide to use a surrogate once more. The insider stated, “They would obviously prefer a boy, but they just want a healthy baby. “They had numerous reservations before deciding to use their daughter as a surrogate. The best thing they have ever done, it turned out.” 2014 saw the first reports of Diaz and Madden’s connection. Following year, the pair were married.

Diaz previously discussed juggling the rigors of Hollywood and being a parent in an interview with Bruce on the SiriusXM program Quarantined.

What did Diaz say?

Diaz said, “I couldn’t image being a mom now, where I am as a mom with my child in her first year, to have to be on a movie set that takes 14 to 16 hours out of my day away from my child.” “If I had done that at a different point in my life, I wouldn’t be the mom that I am now. I feel bad for all the mothers who are unable to stay home with their children and must go to work. It truly takes a village, though, and I feel so bad for them, their kids, and everything else.”

Despite spending over ten years away from the spotlight to devote herself to her family and her wine company, Avaline, Diaz has recently revealed that she will be coming out of retirement to star with Jamie Foxx in the upcoming action comedy Back in Action on Netflix.

In a recent interview with CBS Mornings

Cameron Diaz, 49, and Benji Madden Are Still Hoping for A Second Child: They’d ‘Love a Boy’

She discussed how she is getting ready to adjust her lifestyle in order to return to acting. Everyone has a limited supply of 100%, and you must constantly consider how to split that 100% among the important aspects of your life.

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