Creator Sally Wainwright Has Hinted At, the Future of ‘Gentleman Jack’ Is Uncertain. ‘season 3?’


Sally Wainwright is still working on the third season of Gentleman Jack. It’s been reported that the show’s creator is working on ways to have a third season made after HBO canceled Gentleman Jack. There are still plans for further episodes of the show, but the BBC needs a new network to keep it accessible to a global audience, according to Wainwright.

Two of England’s first female bridegrooms appear in Gentleman Jack as played by Suranne Jones (Vigil) and Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders): Ann Lister and Ann Walker. The real-life 18th-century romance was brought to life through the use of Lister’s vast diaries, which were filled with minute details and were written in code in parts. Anne and Ann’s (dubbed Adne in Season 2) secret wedding was chronicled in Season 1 and their newlywed life was shown in Season 2. A devoted following has grown up around the historical drama because of the positive portrayal of lesbians and bisexuals that it offered. A statue of Lister was even erected as a result, and the city of Halifax has seen an uptick in tourists as a result.

In a Statement to Radio Times.Com, Wainwright Confirmed the Show’s Cancellation:

According to Wainwright, “I think we all are [gutted]” by the show’s cancellation. Because it has done so well in this country, it has come as a bit of a surprise to me. While we weren’t quite ready to go back, the BBC was.
Season 3 of Game of Thrones has been placed on hold as a result of HBO’s decision to leave the agreement.

Creator Sally Wainwright Has Hinted At, the Future of 'Gentleman Jack' Is Uncertain. 'season 3?'

No doubt about it, Wainwright said: “I think if HBO were up for it, there would have been no uncertainty.” If you look at the reviews, the audience size, and the impact on the LGBT community, it has been a really successful show for them. ” he said. It’s because of the incredible fanbase that we’ve been able to put on so many events.”

Both Jones and Rundle Have Thanked Their Followers on Social Media for Their Support.

To thank everyone who helped bring Anne and Adne’s love story to life, Jones and Rundle took to their Instagrams to express their gratitude to all those who helped make it happen! The #SaveGentlemanJack hashtag is being used by fans to demonstrate their support for the show and get the stars to return for additional episodes.

“If someone doesn’t save SENSATIONAL historical series #GentlemanJack, a gay triumph, based on a true story, and just gorgeously done & created in all areas – I WILL revolt,” one fan tweeted.

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I Just Joined Twitter This Morning. I’m only Here to Add My Support for The #save Gentleman Jack Campaign.

I’ve just joined Twitter today.” The #SaveGentlemanJack campaign is the only reason I’m here today. This isn’t just another show on television; it’s something special. A second user said that “It altered lives.” If anyone deserves to share Anne & Ann’s bold story in its entirety, it’s spicey. @BBC @LookoutPointTV needs to find a way to keep this going.”

Creator Sally Wainwright Has Hinted At, the Future of 'Gentleman Jack' Is Uncertain. 'season 3?'

If the third season of Gentleman Jack were to be produced, where do you think it would be best to air? We’d love to hear from you in the section below.

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