‘CSI Vegas’ Season 2: 7 Unanswered Questions Latest Info

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Since the first season of CSI: Vegas ended in December 2021, we’ve been wondering when we’d hear the familiar notes of The Who’s “Who Are You” once again (September 29 on Thursdays).

That’s not to say that it wasn’t a successful episode for the team, as they were able to bring down lawyer Anson Wix (Jamie McShane) for trying to frame former CSI tech-turned-expert witness David Hodges (Wallace Langham) for manipulating evidence. Two CSI veterans from the first season, William Petersen and Jorja Fox, who played Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, aren’t returning, but Marg Helgenberger, who played Catherine Willows, will be appearing this year.

What Is It About Catherine that Keeps Her Coming Back?

Catherine is back in Season 2 thanks to Helgenberger. After Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) was attacked, Gil and Sara were forced to return to their old stomping ground as the prime suspect in the season-long investigation.

‘CSI: Vegas’: 7 Burning Questions for Season 2

When we first saw the show, we found out that Catherine was in Dublin, Ireland (with her grandchild). So, what is it that will compel her to return to Las Vegas? Is it going to be the new bad guy from the Season 1 finale? Possibly linked to one of her previous cases? Could it be another case that brings her to Vegas, and then she decides to stay and help out at the Crime Lab?

It’s Unclear how Gil and Sara’s Departure Will Be Handled.

As Grissom and Sara leave, so does Petersen. “No matter where they go, they are a part of one another.” Their future was left open-ended on screen, with a debate as to whether they would continue working for the CSIs, stay on land, or return to the ocean. We’ll have to wait and see if Catherine or the head of the Crime Lab, Maxine Roby, has any information on their whereabouts now that we know they won’t be returning (Paula Newsome).

What Is the Identity of The New Serial Killer?

A new Las Vegas serial killer was introduced at the conclusion of the finale, and we saw the killer scrawling notes all over a white room. This is more complex than first appears. What you see on the wall is a whole invented language.

While I and my writing partner of 15, 16 years, Craig O’Neill, have had the story in our heads for quite some time,” showrunner Jason Tracey told TV Insider. There will not be as many twists and turns as this season’s serialized story, but we’re looking forward to a new serialized mystery that we hope will be released soon.

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Will There Be a Romance Between Josh and Allie?

Season one introduced Josh Folsom (Matt Lauria) and Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon), a new will-they-won’t-they couple at the Crime Lab. What does the future hold for Josh and Allie? She was ecstatic to discover that he had indeed melted her boyfriend’s key. So how close are they to a relationship?

‘CSI: Vegas’: 7 Burning Questions for Season 2

“At the very least, Folsom is going to have some explaining to do. Because he isn’t going to keep his mouth shut, it’s a step forward,” Tracey said. When things go wrong, “He’s certainly going to be there to help and support Allie, and to speak up when he sees something that’s not right.”

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