Deborah James Passes Away at Age 40 After Cancer Battle

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After fighting colon cancer for years, BBC podcast personality Deborah James passed away at the age of 40. After Prince William bestowed the title of dame on her, she passed away one month later.

Those that love Bowelbabe are bidding her farewell A message posted on British journalist Deborah James’ Instagram account said that she passed away peacefully on June 28 after a battle with colon cancer. The post states that when she died away, James was accompanied by family.

“We are terribly grieved to announce the passing of Dame Deborah James,” the statement began, praising James for being “the most beautiful wife, daughter, sister [and] mother.”

The heartfelt tribute also praised the BBC podcast host,

It revealed her battle with bowel cancer on social media as BowelBabe, and was lauded as “an inspiration” for starting the BowelBabe Fund, which raises money for clinical trials and cancer research.

Deborah James Passes Away at Age 40 After Cancer Battle

The statement added, “Deborah shared her experience with the world to increase awareness, break down boundaries, question taboos and shift the dialogue around cancer.” Her commitment to raising money and awareness was admirable, even during her most trying times. In her own words, Bowelbabe, the post’s author, concluded: “Find a life you can appreciate, take chances, love fully, and live without looking back. Always, always hold onto rebellious hope. Checking your poop could potentially save your life, so do it now.”

Fans expressed their “heartbreak” over the news

One user said that “you will be so so missed by us all” as other fans expressed their “heartbreak” over the news.BBC podcast personality James passing occurs one month after she broke the heartbreaking news that her “active care had finished” and that she was in hospice. “I’ve never wanted to write this message. My body just isn’t cooperating despite our best efforts; “In a post on May 9, she said. Nobody knows how long I have left, but I am unable to walk, I sleep for the majority of the day, and the majority of the things I once took for granted are now just pipe dreams.

James said that –

It was “heartbreaking” to learn of her failing health at the time but added that she was “surrounded by so much love” and that “right now for me it’s all about taking it a day at a time, step by step, and being grateful for another sunrise. I have my entire family with me, and we will all laugh (I’ll cry!) and dance through this while lounging in the sun.”

You are all great, and I appreciate you being a part of my journey, she continued in a letter to her followers.

As a result of her charity raising more than $6 million in that same month, Prince William presented her with a damehood. On May 13, she said on Instagram that “Prince William truly came to our family house today.” “He joined us for afternoon tea and champagne, and I’m very grateful that he did. He spent a lot of time speaking with my entire family, and I’m really grateful for that. Having a visiting royal at home is extremely weird.”

James’ close ones said they want to carry on her memory through her Bowelbabe Fund “far into the future” after her departure. Her children Hugo, 14, and Eloise, 12, as well as her husband Sebastien Bowen, survive her.

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