Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore confronts Angelina Pivarnick Cheating On Huband Chris, saying, “I freaking knew it”

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Angelina Pivarnick is in a predicament. It is well known that the MTV reality star and Chris Larangeira don’t have the best of relationships. After all, she acknowledged in a prior episode that during their two-year marriage, they had only one sexual encounter. However, Angelina’s romance turned out to be in much more peril than fans had suspected on the June 30 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

What does Angelina reveal to Deena Cortese?

While filming All-Star Shore in Spain, she grew close to cast member Luis “Porto” Caballero.

Angelina acknowledged cuddling up to Luis in bed, but she denied ever having sex with him. However, the eligible bachelor’s response was quite different when Deena called and posed the same query. Luis jokingly said, “I have a poor connection right now. “It is not referred to as sex. Making love is what it is.” Say what?

Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore confronts Angelina Pivarnick Cheating On Huband Chris, saying, "I freaking knew it"

Deena was certain that her co-star hooked up while on vacation when Angelina said, “F—k my life.”

Deena confessed, “I friggin knew it.” She lied to me about having sex with Luis. Thursdays at 8 p.m., MTV broadcasts Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Additionally, All-Star Shore is currently available for streaming on Paramount+.

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Do you need additional evidence? Later, Angelina disclosed to the producers: “Please don’t judge me. What exactly are you asking me to do? I’m not getting married to him. Right now, all I’m doing is enjoying myself.” Oh no.

Angelina Pivarnick disclosed her marital difficulties and the reasons behind her impending divorce to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino during their discussion. Chris initially filed for divorce in February.

“He genuinely expressed to me his desire for me to perish in an aircraft crash after learning of my travel plans to Spain. like WTF? “she informed Mike. “Right now, my spouse is losing his mind. He will stop talking for four days, and my life will be free of conflict. And then, boom!”

So, do Luis and Angelina have a future? Don’t depend on it. The two engaged in a text message battle while cameras rolled. Later, Angelina came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the right man for her.

She admitted in her confessional, “We moved extremely quickly, perhaps a little too quickly. “At one time, Luis gave me a very positive self-image. In comparison to the three years, my spouse spent making me feel like, he made me feel more like in three days. However, trying to talk to this youngster is like trying to talk to a wall. Luis is a very dramatic person. I didn’t want this.”

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