Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn’s Matchmaker: Noah Schnapp in Viral Tik Tok

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Noah Schnapp may be your ticket to a meeting with a Stranger Things star! A recent Tiktok video posted by the 17-year-old Netflix star revealed pop star Doja Cat’s secret crush on his co-star.

To describe the musician, the actor called her “thirsty Doja,” and shared screenshots of their private conversations. She must have been a big fan of Stranger Things season 4 because she asked Schnapp about Joseph Quinn’s relationship status right away. The 29-year-old actor portrayed Eddie Munson, the breakout star of the show’s latest installment, and Doja was drawn to his performance (and perhaps his guitar skills) in the episode.

Her Instagram message to Schnapp read, “Noah, can you tell Joseph to [hit me up]?” “There’s no need to wait any longer. Is he currently dating someone?”

It’s Time to “lmao Slide Into His D Ms,” as Schnapp Put It.

Because she didn’t know Quinn’s social media accounts, Doja said, “He doesn’t have a DM.”
Schnapp sent the singer Quinn‘s Instagram profile with the message, “Right here ma’am,” in an attempt to be helpful.

Noah Schnapp Plays Matchmaker for Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn in Viral TikTok

Doja might be looking for some solace after the tragic death of Eddie the singer in season 4’s finale!
Fans were heartbroken when Eddie (Shannon Purser), Bob (Sean Astin), and Alexei (Alec Utgoff) were killed off before the season’s epic finale.

Eddie’s Heroic Death Broke the Hearts of Fans Around the World.

While Eddie’s heroic death shocked the world, Quinn told ET’s Will Marfuggi that it was inevitable. It felt like the perfect culmination to this crazy sequence, he said of the finale. What I like about the Duffer Brothers is their ability to think outside the box and put it into action.

“It’s an overwhelming sensation… A new character has found a place in the hearts of the fans of this show, and it’s a beautiful thing. You have no idea how happy this makes me feel “According to the British actor, he was surprised by the outpouring of support and love for his character and his portrayal.

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“In this season, the scope is enormous. To top it all off, the ambitions are ludicrous. It had to be this massive, there was no other way to put it. Everyone put in so much effort on it, you know “Quinn reflected on the massive season shot and produced during the pandemic. In spite of this, the fact that the film has been well-received has given me a big sigh of relief. “For the character that I played, for people to be so welcoming, it feels like a big exhale,” he continues.

Noah Schnapp Plays Matchmaker for Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn in Viral TikTok

While Quinn’s time on the show has come to an end, the good memories and new family he’s gained as a result of it have not. It was “everything you’d expect,” he said of his new co-stars. “They’re really nice people.” When you go somewhere new with a group of strangers and leave with a group of close friends, it’s a good thing.

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