Dwayne Johnson About His “Fiercely Independent” Daughter Following in His WWE Footsteps

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It’s no secret that Dwayne Johnson is proud of his daughter, who is building a name for herself in the wrestling ring. Continuing the family tradition, Simone Johnson, also known as Ava Raine, officially began her WWE career in 2020 and made her debut this weekend.

This is Dwayne’s fourth generation, he says to Rachel Smith during the DC League of Super-Pets premiere on Wednesday. “She’s etched her name into history. “I am really proud of her.”

Her father, Dwayne Johnson’s “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson, and Dwayne’s grandpa, Prince Peter Maivia aka “The High Chief,” both resigned from the WWE in 2004, but Simone follows in their footsteps.

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson has nothing to worry about, as his daughter is making her own way in the entertainment industry.

The star of DC’s League of Super-Pets says of her character

“She’s fiercely independent.” “It’s absolutely crucial for her to find her own path. Make her own way. She’s not afraid to forge her own path. She doesn’t come to me expecting much, and that’s okay with me. “And I’m here to watch and support,” he says.

After announcing her in-ring moniker in May, Simone was criticized by wrestling fans who felt she wasn’t honoring her family. In a statement, the 20-year-old athlete explained her decision.

Dwayne Johnson About His "Fiercely Independent" Daughter Following in His Wwe Footsteps

When one person questioned her decision, Simone wrote, I probably sound like a broken record & hopefully, this is the last I’ll discuss this but I don’t get why people being portrayed as independent individuals from their family name is such a hot topic.” Any previous achievements from any family are not devalued by a name.

Tweeted later, I could build my entire career around my father and people would still hate me anyhow,” she added. When his daughter became the youngest person in WWE history to sign a contract in 2020, Dwayne shared how much work she had put in before that moment.

“She’s signed her contract with the WWE

It blows my mind because first of all, what an honor that my daughter wants to follow in my footsteps but most importantly…following my footsteps sounds cliché but she actually wants to create and blaze her own path, which is just so important,” the Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle star said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“And she ended up becoming the company’s youngest ever signee. So, she’s 18 now, but when she was 16, she was silently working her a** off in the ring, getting thrown around and getting all the aches and bruises that come with professional wrestling. and “I’m very proud of her,” he continued.

Dwayne’s first wife, Dany Garcia, had a daughter named Simone. Jasmine, 6, and Tianna, 4, are also his children with his wife, Lauren Hashian.

The DC League of Super-Pets premieres in theatres on July 29.

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