Hailey Bieber Attempts Kylie Jenner’s New Blush for “Glazed Summer Skin”: Video

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Now is your chance to shine as brightly as Hailey Bieber. On July 13, the 25-year-old model posted a video to her well-liked TikTok page demonstrating her “go-to routine for that glazed summer complexion,” which includes using a few well-known items like her own Rhode skincare line and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics.

Her face and neck were first gently massaged with Rhode Skin’s Plumping Peptide Glazing Fluid

Then with Rhode’s Barrier Restore Cream in the beauty lesson video, which was performed to the tune of “Love Nwantinti.” Hailey took a minute to display her glowing and clear skin after the first two applications of cream were applied.

Hailey Bieber followed up with the Revealer Complexion-Improving Foundation SPF 25 by Kosas Cosmetics, a sun-kissed brown tone with glitter, by applying it with her fingertips after her skin had been prepped. Then, she covered her hardly noticeable blotches with a few tiny dabs of concealer. Using an eyebrow gel and brush, she next made her brows longer. A nude lip liner, Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment, and Pink Me Up Lip & Cheek Glow Balm from Kylie Cosmetics were the last three products Hailey applied.

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Given that Hailey was the first to obtain Kylie’s Lip & Cheek Glow Balm, which is a limited edition, this is not surprising. On Kylie’s website, she describes the balm as being “for individuals who want a natural wash of color with a beautiful, silky finish.” The cosmetic is a “silky, weightless cream,” according to the beauty expert, that “instantly dissolves into the skin while imparting buildable color with no stickiness or streaks.” It seems like the best all-purpose item to keep on hand in any makeup bag!

Although Hailey’s beauty brand is fresh new and launched on June 15, she has been utilizing her platform to demonstrate her numerous beauty and cosmetic procedures for quite some time. The moisture barrier of the skin is the primary emphasis of the first launch, the spokesperson explained. in May, before the launch, to tempt. I gave it to numerous makeup artists so they could take care of their clients, and I received excellent reviews on it.

She also made a comment about the “crowded” market for celebrity-endorsed beauty products, but she is keen to prove to her admirers that her line is distinctive and reasonably priced. The market is so crowded and saturated that she acknowledged that she had “certainly had my doubts.” The trust in my abilities and in our brand was obviously necessary for me to believe that this would be something new and unusual.

Hailey is obviously doing something right to have such flawless, radiant skin, whether she uses Rhode products or those from other well-known companies.

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