Harry Styles Exudes Happiness Despite Never Getting out Of Bed in ‘Late Night Talking’ Video

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Have you ever had the want to just dive headfirst under your blankets and never come out? The Bedknobs and Broomsticks style of flying around London on a flying bed? Or how about watching a movie in your PJs? Alternatively, you might have a dish of excellent meatballs served to your bedside. Harry Styles appears to have mastered the art of the smooch.

Just in time for the release of the official music video for Styles’ second song, Late Night Talking, the video features Styles dressed up in even more pajamas than normal while singing from a bed.

A white sheet tunnel is the singer’s first bed excursion after he wakes up

As soon as the party is over, it’s time for him to head back to his hotel. This could be an orgy, or it could just be an insanely crowded sleepover in the red velvet sheets. Anyhow, Harry appears content.

Finally, a reference to Tracey Emin’s “Bed in a Gallery” is made. People who appreciate the Young British Artists have probably thought about what their own bed might look like if it were raised and placed in the midst of an exhibition room, so it’s a lot of fun to pull off.

There’s a Four-Poster Bed Covered in Vines and Situated Amid a Wheat Field

Harry Styles Exudes Happiness Despite Never  Getting out Of Bed in ‘late Night Talking’ Video

They’re all eyes on Styles, who is surrounded by two female admirers. So far so good, but soon Harry’s bed will tumble to Earth, bringing us back to reality. It’s excellent in terms of music video quality. Considering how quickly Styles switches between scenes, the three-minute footage flies by. Like the album, it has a light and breezy feel.

The comedian and the singer then went door to door in New York

They asked for permission to record an impromptu music video for Daylight on the Late Late Show with James Corden a week after the release of his album. There are at least some positive aspects to the music video directed by James Corden’s crew of women.

It’d be nice to make an album called Harry’s House,” Styles remarked in a May interview with Zane Lowe on the upcoming record. “I thought about it being this little thing.” Styles said. When I began recording the album, I realised it wasn’t about where the songs were recorded. Much more of an internal issue.”

Views on Harry Styles’ third studio album Harry’s House

The official music video for Late Night Talking, the second song from Harry Styles’ third studio album Harry’s House, was viewed by more than 338,000 people during its May release.

In the UK and in the US Billboard 200, the wacky pop album debuted at number one. This is not the album’s first music video. As It Was and its accompanying music video were published on April 1 as a teaser for the upcoming album. More than 226 million people around the world have seen the music video.

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