In the Season 2 First Look of “the Outlaws,” a Drug Lord Is Targeted

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The second season of The Outlaws will soon be available on Prime Video, and the service is giving fans a sneak peek at the comedic mayhem to come in a new trailer, which you can watch below. The first season of The Outlaws just streamed on the service in the spring of 2022, earning a Metascore of 75.

The Outlaws, co-created by Elgin James and Stephen Merchant, who also stars, directs, and produces, follows a group of strangers who get together while working on the same community service project to renovate a dilapidated community center. The reasons they were given such harsh punishment in the first season start to seem relatively insignificant in light of the crime they get involved in, which involves robbing a drug dealer of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

As You Can See in The Trailer, They Are Attempting to Pass the Time in The Second Season by Finishing Their Sentences.

As you can see in the teaser, they are attempting to bide their time in the second season as they serve out their sentences while still navigating the criminal underworld that just won’t let them go. Because the drug lord is chasing them this time, the stakes are enormously higher than they are in most second seasons.

‘The Outlaws’ Scheme Against a Drug Lord in Season 2 First Look

They previously united, but it will take much more to do this. Fortunately, professional crook Frank (Christopher Walken) has a strategy.

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The Series Also Features Rhianne Barreto, Christopher Walken,

Along with Merchant and Walken, the show also has Rhianne Barreto, Gamba Cole, Eleanor Tomlinson, Darren Boyd, Clare Perkins, and Jessica Gunning as its other main actors.

In addition to Merchant and James, executive producers include Luke Alkin, Kenton Allen, and Matthew Justice. Co-produced by BBC One and Amazon Studios, The Outlaws is a Big Talk and Four Eyes production.

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