Joseph Quinn, the Star of “Stranger Things,” Sobs in Response to Appreciation for His Protracted Fan Interactions

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It’s all about the fans for Joseph Quinn on Stranger Things. Eddie Munson, the 29-year-old actor who portrays Hellfire Club chief Eddie Munson, appeared at the London Film & Comic Con, where he was reportedly berated by event organizers for overbooking tickets, according to Dexerto.

The employees kept screaming and pressing at him and the fans to hurry up, but Quinn took the effort to meet with all of his admirers, according to one Twitter user who stated that “Joseph tried to take his time with fans and thus produced a massive line/overcrowding.”

Kimberley Burrows stood up to thank Quinn

The following day, a fan named Kimberley Burrows stood up to thank Quinn for his generosity during a Q&A session. “Please don’t worry about my query; it is simply an expression of gratitude. Even if what happened yesterday isn’t accurate, I’m sure that many of us have heard about how you were treated yesterday. The fact that you’re putting your time and effort into this is really appreciated, and I won’t be commenting on it “she remarked on the subject.

After Quinn finished her message, the audience applauded, which brought tears to her eyes. Artist Burrows, who is blind and has a guide dog, went on to say: “Thank you so much for signing our items and spending time with us, and for painting our summer. Regardless of how you were handled yesterday, we are grateful for the kindness you showed to us and our guide dog.”

Quinn reacted while still in tears

“Oh my gosh, what were you thinking? Thank you very much.” Also, Burrows shared the photos they took together on social media. Joseph Quinn was impressed by her tribute to Eddie in her selfie with him at the London Film and Comic-Con, she wrote.

Joseph Quinn, the Star of "Stranger Things," Sobs in Response to Appreciation for His Protracted Fan Interactions

As she continued, “Even was extremely lovely and he held my hand between our shots,” she said. During the Q&A period, I thanked him for spending time with his supporters and referred to this quote.

Despite PEOPLE’s request for comment, Showmasters did not answer

Quinn recently chatted with PEOPLE about his involvement in the Netflix hit’s fourth season. The fact that he was allowed to join the Stranger Things cast in any way is an “amazing” achievement for him, and he does “love” Eddie.

According to the native English speaker, “he’s an outrageous metalhead and he’s in and among all of the insane action this season.” “Because of this, I’ve come to admire him. You meet him as an adolescent, and it’s clear that he’s attention-seeking, competitive, and a bit precocious at this point. As the season progresses, we see him put in increasingly precarious positions.”

Quinn continued saying

“What every actor dreams of portraying is this type of character: There should be a variety of things to choose from. He was a blessing.” He also shared his thoughts on working with actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna in many guises, for PEOPLE.

Because of the big fingers and cigarette between shots, “it’s so funny because he is sort of intimidating on camera,” adds Quinn, 29. “These huge fingers and this tiny cigarette make for an amusing contrast. Just seeing him sip an iced coffee is a weird experience.”

Joseph Quinn, the Star of "Stranger Things," Sobs in Response to Appreciation for His Protracted Fan Interactions

Quinton would gladly exchange places with Vecna if the opportunity presented itself. To take a go at Vecna would be “quite enjoyable,” in his opinion, as he remarks. “Would have been a lot of fun! You can’t reach anyone else, including yourself. Everything is where it should be.”

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