Kathy, Justin Bieber’s Grandmother, Was Involved in A Nearly Fatal Car Accident with His 17-Year-Old Cousin Brandan

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AceShowbiz – Justin Bieber’s grandma Kathy Bieber and his cousin Brandan Steven were in a car accident that almost killed them both. Fortunately, the step-grandmother of the “Peaches” hitmaker and the 17-year-old both survived the catastrophic collision.

The horrific event that occurred in Stratford, Ontario on July 2 included Kathy and Brandan. Her grandson Brandan was operating the vehicle as the 73-year-old sat in the passenger seat of her classic red Mustang.

On the same day, images of firefighters dousing the burning car with water on Facebook’s Stratford Cruises community page. Utilizing social media, Brandan described the collision and said he had to “get his grandmother” out of the vehicle because things could have “been extremely horrible” if he hadn’t responded swiftly.

The first message that a person sent said

“This is terrible news, and it occurred in Stratford! I genuinely hope there wasn’t any wrongdoing. Can anyone identify the owner? Is he or she a member of our group?” Within an hour, Brandan responded, “I was the one driving when this happened, my grandma Kathy Bieber was the owner of it [sic], in passenger,” from Mitchell, which is roughly 25 minutes from Stratford, the location of Justin’s birthplace.

Kathy, Justin Bieber's Grandmother, Was Involved in A Nearly Fatal Car Accident with His 17-Year-Old Cousin Brandan

Later, Brandan detailed the precise events leading up to the crash. The high school student explained what happened in a Facebook comment: “We were at a complete stop as a car was turning left a couple of cars in front of us. “Then, a distracted driver rear-ended us; supposedly, she was going 70 mph. Not a good thing, I had to help my grandmother out of the car. The doors were bound tight, so if we remained inside for even five more seconds, it could have been very bad “he added

What does Justin announce?

Just a few weeks before the terrifying episode, Justin announced he had been given the Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis. His facial paralysis was brought on by the diagnosis. He informed his followers recently that his health has been improving noticeably over time.

“Each day has grown better,” he wrote on social media. “Through all of the discomfort, I have found peace in the one who designed me and knows me.” “He knows everything about me, I’m reminded. He is continually open to receiving me into His loving arms even though he knows the worst parts of me that I would rather no one knew about. In the midst of this terrifying tempest, this viewpoint has helped me to feel at ease.”

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