Kim Kardashian Desires Florence Pugh to Become Her New Closest Friend

Kim Kardashian wants to be best friends with Florence Pugh. According to reports, the 41-year-old reality star is on a mission to spend out with the 26-year-old British actress after she became “obsessed” with her after seeing her in the psychological drama “Don’t Worry Darling” opposite Harry Styles.

Kim has been praising Florence to anyone who will listen, and now she’s on a mission to include Florence in the Kardashians’ inner circle, a source tells Heat magazine.

She saw ‘Don’t Worry, Darling,’ and now she believes all the praise she’s heard about Flo. Kim is always gushing about how she is the perfect package: attractive, talented, and charismatic.

They’ve gone to the same events before and shared a lot of mutual acquaintances, but they’ve never really gotten to spend much quality time together.

“Kim is hoping to alter that.” She said of Olivia Wilde‘s film, “Harry was so fantastic, and I am now infatuated with Florence Pugh,” which she tweeted to her followers.

As well as being a stunning beauty, her acting skills are unparalleled. Kim recently ended her engagement to comedian Pete Davidson, age 28, and Florence recently ended her engagement to actor and filmmaker Zach Braff, age 47.

In addition, both were mocked for having significant age differences in their relationships.

kim kardashian desires florence pugh to become her new closest friend

Although Florence and Zach have just been dating since 2019, the age gap between them has always been a source of discussion in the internet community. The ‘Little Women‘ actress fired back in 2020, saying her fans had no business meddling in her personal relationships.

She said, “I am 24 years old,” after seeing the critical comments on Zach’s photo. Never in my life would I tell another person who they can or cannot love, and I do not need anyone else to tell me who I can or cannot love. You shouldn’t be concerned with this, and it’s not even your business.

“If you don’t agree with those rules, then you should stop following me because any insults you direct at him are insults directed at me as well.”

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