Kris Jenner and Sisters Instagram Tributes on Khloé Kardashian’s 38th Birthday, After a Drunken Speech

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In Reality, Khloé Kardashian Is the King of The Kardashian Clan, According to Her Mother, Kris Jenner. in Honor of Kim Kardashian’s 38th Birthday on June 27, Kris Jenner Gave Her Daughter a “wasted” Toast, Which She Documented on Instagram.

According to Kris, she was “wasted… and green” because of her outfit, which was reminiscent of her now-iconic #krissed look. And that is how f*cked up on Khloé you make me feel,” he confessed. In my opinion, you’re a rock star. Our family crowns you as its monarch. When it comes to seeing the bright side of things, you’re the one who’s always optimistic. As well as, “Whose beauty can’t be matched.”

Her Speech Was Shaky, but Corey Gamble Was There to Help Her Put Down Her Drink.

Even though Kris had the help of Corey Gamble in setting down her cocktail, she managed to get her point across in a speech.

Kris Jenner Drunkenly Toasts Khloé Kardashian’s 38th Birthday With This Speech

“I just want to tell you how much I love you,” she said, before handing the microphone over to a family friend. The two of us are here, despite the fact that I’ve had way too much to drink because we love you. To put it another way: “You make our heart pit-pat.”

She Wore a Bright Pink Dress to Khloé’s Birthday Party.

In her hot pink dress, Khloé attended the birthday dinner. According to People, the party appeared to be more of a get-together for close friends and family. Khloé was clearly overwhelmed by the love on her wedding day, whether she was with someone or not.

Her affection for Khloé was further demonstrated in an adorable throwback Instagram post by Kris. “You are constantly teaching the rest of us how to handle the most difficult things that life throws your way and you do it with such grace and integrity,” she wrote in a letter to me.

According to Kourtney, the Eldest Kardashian Sibling

For Khloé’s birthday, Kourtney chose a photo from her childhood to send to her sister. As Kourtney noted on Instagram, “Happy happy birthday to my Shirley temple apple pie sugar plum cinnamon dumpling.” My life is so much better because of you!”

Kris Jenner Drunkenly Toasts Khloé Kardashian’s 38th Birthday With This Speech

As part of Khloé’s birthday celebrations, Kim posted a photo gallery of the two of them enjoying pizza. She wrote, “Your heart is so pure that I can feel all the best energy coming your way.” “I can’t get through this life without you. I love you so much.”

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First birthday since she decided to “walk away” from Tristan Thompson, as she explained in the final episode of the Kardashians. As a result of the paternity scandal surrounding her ex-husband, Khloé opened up about her plans for the future. According to a statement she made on June 16, she hopes to have the fairytale that she dreams of one day.

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