Kylie Jenner Creates Major “Matrix” Vibes in A Pvc Minidress on A Date with Travis Scott: Pictures

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Is Kylie Jenner now the Neo of the “Kardashians”? The “KUWTK” star wore skin-tight black PVC clothing and Versace sunglasses while having dinner with Travis Scott.

“Woah,” Keanu Reeves famously exclaimed. When she visited Craig’s in West Hollywood on Sunday night, Kylie Jenner was a mix of Neo, Trinity, and glam. For her July 10 supper with Travis Scott, Kylie, 24, donned a black PVC minidress. Although the star of The Kardashians would find it difficult to execute any martial arts skills while donning those matching black pumps and toting that diamond purse, the attire gave the impression that she had just stepped off the set of 1999’s The Matrix. When she and Travis, 31, left the famous hangout, Kylie chose a pair of stylish Versace sunglasses.

Travis chose casual dinner attire for himself

A slate-gray t-shirt, some faded, worn-in trousers, and some sneakers were all that the “Sicko Mode” rapper was sporting. With a striking piece of jewelry and what appeared to be a high-end canteen, he enhanced the appearance. Despite the fact that Trav’s laid-back appearance stood out in stark contrast to Kylie’s PVC dress, the two appeared to be the ideal match, especially when La Flame clutched Kylie’s hand as they exited the restaurant.

The night before their dinner date with Travis

Kylie Jenner Creates Major "Matrix" Vibes in A Pvc Minidress on A Date with Travis Scott: Pictures

Travis also held Kylie’s hand as they went out. The two went to West Hollywood’s Catch for dinner on July 10. Kylie dressed up for the occasion by donning a long-sleeved mini-dress, and Trav wore a printed shirt and pants, just like at this Craig’s dinner. As he and Kylie walked away from the paparazzi’s cameras, Trav also borrowed a move from Tyler, The Creator by donning a patterned winter knit cap.

Travis was involved in another controversy over Astroworld a week prior to these date evenings

At the Day Party: Independence Day celebration on July 4, Travis gave a performance at Coney Island in New York City. He took the stage to sing a few songs even though he was supposed to perform a “live DJ set.” Travis paused his show to order audience members to refrain from scaling the towering beams that served as the lighting fixture. You all need to get down, he replied. Just make sure you’re okay, my brother, I beg you.

Following the Coney Island performance

Travis was criticized by the family of Ezra Blount, one of the 10 people murdered during the 2021 Astroworld Festival. According to a statement from the family’s attorney to TMZ, “He understands exactly how to keep his followers safe during a show, but the problem with that is he didn’t just discover about the fact that he had power over the entire crowd.” If Travis understood that his job as an artist extends beyond only seeking to enrage his audiences, it would reinforce the maxim “If you see something, say something,” and 10 people, including young Ezra Blount, would still be alive today.

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