Maria Sharapova, a Tennis Player, Gives Birth and Welcomes Her First Child with Partner Alexander Gilkes


In a photo she shared with the world, Maria Sharapova and her fiancé Alexander Gilkes held their baby son Theodore, who was born on Friday.

Ex-tennis star and British tycoon clutched their newborn baby in their arms as they appeared to be loving parents. He wrote on Instagram: ‘The most beautiful, hard, and satisfying gift our tiny family could ask for.'” In a stunning Instagram post on her 35th birthday, April 19, she revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, a baby girl.

Maria penned the following:

Beginnings are precious. Maria posted a picture of herself cuddling her baby bulge on the beach with the message, ‘Eating birthday cake for two has always been my specialty

For their first major red carpet outing together, the couple attended the Met Gala in New York City in 2019. It was in December 2020 that a British businessman proposed to the five-time Grand Slam tennis champion A stunning £300,000 diamond ring was his gift to her to propose their relationship to her!

When we initially met, I said yes right away ” As Maria announced their engagement on Instagram, “This was our little secret, wasn’t it @gilkesa?” she wrote.

Maria acknowledged to in September 2021

She and her boyfriend ‘haven’t chosen a date’ because of the many uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus epidemic.

Our friends and relatives should feel free to go without feeling obligated to do so, she emphasized, so they haven’t even brought it up in conversation yet. Entrepreneurship studio Squared Circles was co-founded by former Eton College student and current Bristol University student Alexander.

As president and co-founder of Paddle 8 from 2011 to 2018, he stepped down when it was sold to The Native in 2018.

Alexander has also acted as an auctioneer for auctions

Such as Madonna’s Raising Malawi and Elton John’s AIDS foundation. Formerly married to fashion designer Misha Nonoo, he has a history of successful commercial relationships. It was in 2012 when the couple married in Venice, and news of their split surfaced in 2016 During the summer of 2017, a divorce was finalized.

Maria Sharapova, a Tennis Player, Gives Birth and Welcomes Her First Child with Partner Alexander Gilkes

A lot has changed in Maria’s life in the last two years, and she will retire from tennis in February 2020 as a result of these developments. She stated in a statement to Vanity Fair that she was “saying farewell” to the sport that made her a household celebrity.

To leave your only life behind is a difficult task. Leaving the courts where you’ve practiced since you were a child, the sport you love, and the fans who have supported you for more than 28 years is a difficult decision. The fact that this is my first time here should be excused, however… It’s time to call it a day, she said.

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